A Day in Skagway and Dyea

One of my nieces has just moved to Whitehorse, and yesterday we took her to see Skagway and Dyea. Despite a mediocre weather forecast, it turned out to be quite good, and it no doubt would have been a good day whatever the weather turned out to be.

Our first photo stop was overlooking Rat Lake at Km 136.7 of the South Klondike Highway. While walking back to the car, we spotted the first crocus buds of the season – right after the rains, as expected 🙂

Rat Lake, South Klondike Highway

I stopped at Emerald Lake just to get a photo record of how fast the ice is melting. I expect that this will be the earliest that the ice has ever been gone and the colours visible (I’ll update my article, When Does the Ice Leave Emerald Lake?? as soon as the colours start to show well).

Emerald Lake, Yukon

Some people were ice fishing on Windy Arm right at the Yukon/BC border.

Ice fishing on Windy Arm, Yukon

I forgot to bring Nanook, but Bobbie (my niece) did bring “the boys”, who normally travel with her friend Sheila but are with Bobbie until September. This was shot out on Tutshi Lake.

Tutshi Lake, BC

A dramatic sky over Tutshi Lake.

A dramatic sky over Tutshi Lake, BC

The new building at the Yukon Suspension Bridge is coming along well. A workman confirmed a rumour I’d heard that it’s a restaurant, and said that they’re aiming at a May 9th opening.

Yukon Suspension Bridge

It was ugly going across the pass – heavy snow and very low visibility, and the first cruise ship of the season arrives in 13 days 🙂

Snow in the White Pass, Alaska

The boys check out the grave of Skagway’s infamous badman, Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith.

The grave of Jefferson Randolph 'Soapy' Smith in Skagway, Alaska

The Kone Company was celebrating their 30th anniversary and had a long list of great specials, but with a lineup a block long, we went for lunch at the Sweet Tooth Cafe instead.

The Kone Company - Skagway, Alaska

Gulls resting at the mouth of the Skagway River. While Cathy and Bobbie went to the grocery store to browse things that aren’t available in Canada, I went for a look around town.

Gulls resting at the mouth of the Skagway River

Many seasonal workers have already arrived – these fellows were chilling behind the house used for guides working for Alaska Mountain Guides, who have a rock climbing and zipline course near Skagway.

Alaska Mountain Guides

The White Pass & Yukon Route had 3 newly-built passenger coaches arrive from Seattle by barge on Monday.

New WP&YR railway passenger coach

Our next stop was Dyea. The pilings are from one of the wharves that were used by stampeders headed for the Chilkoot Trail and the Klondike gold fields.

Pilings of old wharves at Dyea, Alaska

A couple of curious harbour seals at the mouth of the Taiya River.

Harbour seals at the mouth of the Taiya River

One of the unusual-to-us things that Cathy and Bobbie found in the grocery store was succotash, and the boys had us stop at Nahku Bay to check it out 🙂 Sufferin’ succotash, boys!

Succotash in Alaska

It had been a long, active day and we were all pretty tired by the time we reached Bove Island at 6:45. Some people thrive in this this country, and I think that this day showed my niece that she’s one of those people.

Bove Island


A Day in Skagway and Dyea — 5 Comments

  1. Great pictures and commentary, the “boys” were a unexpected ,touch too bad Nanook missed the trip.Just goes to show what the southerns are missing, amazing country side

  2. I love/admire/envy your wonderful photos. The soft-toy travellers were an neat feature this time, like your Nanook ones. I loved the sky-over-Tutshi Lake composition. I think your new framing and background suits your photos well. It must be lovely to be coming out of your long Winter, although those first cruise visitors will no doubt be wrapping up! All the best!

  3. Some more beautiful shots. We stopped at the suspension bridge. I thought it was interesting but to me it was just a little pricey so we didn’t go out on it. Besides that I think the natural stuff in the Yukon is a LOT more beautiful and interesting.