A Cheaper Way to Get Outside?

The first step getting out of the Yukon is the tough one. Not as tough as it used to be thanks to Air North, but still an “ouch” financially. I just got the Fall sale email from Alaska Airlines and when I dug into it and saw that you can fly from Juneau to Seattle for $199 ($417.60 return with taxes) and Juneau to Los Angeles for $269 ($536.19 return with taxes) it got me to thinking about how reasonable that would be. Everyone has sales on now – Air Canada to LAX right now is $907.65 return including taxes, using Air North and WestJet it’s $730.68 with taxes. Anyway, to use Alaska, you’d drive to Skagway and park the car, take the ferry to Juneau (or Wings of Alaska, but that’s too weather-dependent to be reliable), taxi to the airport and away you go. Convenient it’s not, but having come home from Anchorage that way after a cruise it can be considered to be part of the adventure. And you have an extra $300 per person to do fun stuff in California or some other warm place 🙂


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