A Business With Nerve

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had picked up 1,900 pounds of tile for the entry and kitchen. I got a phone call yesterday from Home Hardware, where we bought them. We were quoted $8.50 per tile – thinking that was low, we asked for and received confirmation that that price was per tile and not per square foot. It’s worth noting that we hadn’t done any price comparisons with other 20×20 tiles – there was a single tile that we liked and that’s the only one we got a quote on. When we went back to order them 2-3 weeks later, we asked the same question of a different clerk in the flooring department and got the same answer. When the tiles arrived, the computer printed out an invoice (ie a contract) for $1,433.78, which we paid. You would assume that Home Hardware’s part of the deal was finished, wouldn’t you? Now I just have to lay the tiles.

Yesterday, however, I got a phone call from the second clerk we dealt with. She explained that the price was an error, that it was actually $8.50 per square foot, and so we owe another $1,400. I was in shock.

Can you imagine going to a car lot, for example, seeing a new Toyota with a very low sticker price, confirming that the price was correct, paying for it and driving away, and then having the dealer phone 3 weeks later saying that they messed up and you owe another few thousand dollars??? I’m just shaking my head at the nerve. We thought the price was low, but both clerks in the flooring department accepted it as accurate and processed the deal. I’m a very fair guy, but the odds of me paying the new charge is absolute zero. But there’s the sort of thing that can happen when there’s not another large building supply store within 900 miles. Home Depot, come on up!!

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