A 3-Day Weekend in Atlin, BC

On Friday night, we made the 160-km drive down to the little town of Atlin, often referred to as the Switzerland of the North. Atlin has captivated me ever since my first visit in 1985, and was the perfect spot for our first entire-family trip in the motorhome.

It took longer than expected to get everything ready, and then we got stuck behind a very slow oversize load on the Atlin Road for almost 3/4 of an hour, so we didn’t get to Atlin until 10:00 pm. Once there, we quickly decided to stay at the Norseman RV Park on the shore of Atlin Lake for at least the first couple of nights, and it turned out to be so perfect that we stayed for all 3 nights.

We had camped in the driveway last weekend, so Saturday morning was no surprise except for the amazing view. The weather Saturday was cloudy, and we spent it walking around town – around and around, back and forth, putting quite a few km on. I met the owners of the Atlin Mountain Inn, Edie and Len Graf, and got a tour of the hotel – they’re doing wonderful work on virtually a complete rebuild. Getting someone to open a high-quality restaurant seems to be the biggest challenge at the moment – the dining room has an amazing view and a new kitchen, and will be a big factor in making the project work to its full potential. I would love to see the hotel return to being the community anchor that it was 20-odd years ago when I used to take tours there fairly regularly. The character of the saloon is wonderful!
Atlin, BC
This photo was taken from the little park the hotel owners have built in front of their home next door to the hotel.
Atlin, BC
The ball diamond was a great place to exercise Monty and Bella, who aren’t used to being on a leash all the time. I love that little girl’s smile!
Bella at Atlin, BC
This bald eagle was often perched on the power pole right behind our campsite. Norm Vig, the owner of the campground, said that he was happy to have the eagle there, as it keeps away the messy Canada geese. Too bad it hasn’t kept away an ignorant neighbour’s 7 nasty, free-running little dogs. After their first mass attack on our kids, I kept large rocks in my pocket, and they’ve obviously had experience with rocks. Yes, I would rather throw the rocks at their owner – GRRRRR 🙁
Bald eagle in Atlin, BC
Sunday was gorgeous, showing Atlin at its absolute best. This was the view from the couch 🙂 The RV Park is a little short on facilities, but for $18 per night with 15 amp power and water, or $20 with 30 amp, it offers great value. The Internet barely functions, but I probably still got decent value for the $5 I spent on it. On Sunday night, Norm offered to take 6 of us out on his pontoon boat for a look at Atlin in the evening sun – at no charge!
View from Norseman RV Park in Atlin, BC
What a cozy spot to come home to after another busy day!
Motorhome camping in Atlin, BC
Although it didn’t stay that way, Monday started off beautifully – this was shot from the lakeshore as the sun came up at 06:20. The church behind is St. Joseph Mission, in the Taku River Tlingit First Nation part of the village. The couple with the Airstream trailer are on a major adventure from North Carolina – when they left Monday morning, they were headed to Johnson’s Crossing Lodge to drop the trailer and then up the South Canol Road.
Norseman RV Park in Atlin, BC
Molly was a bit of a wild card in this whole RV planning process, but she seemed to really enjoy herself. She especially loved watching birds from her fuzzy blanket on the dash, and from the huge hall windows.
Molly in Atlin, BC
One of the things that I really enjoyed about our campsite was watching this busy little Beaver 🙂 C-GOZR is Atlin Air’s 1952 de Havilland Canada DHC-2 MK. I Beaver, and it was going constantly on Saturday and Sunday, hauling fish, hunters and tourists. Monday was slower, but I still got to hear and feel that engine’s thunder once that morning.
Atlin, BC

I’ve posted a much longer story about the trip, especially about Atlin itself. It was originally on the Explore BC blog, but when they closed that blog I moved it to my own – see Re-discovering the Charm of Atlin, BC (with 27 photos).


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  1. after a few weeks of doing other things, I am looking forward to reading and enjoying your return trip adventures w the new coach and the new stage in your lives…congrats on the wedding.