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Miscellaneous notes from Arctic Whalers, by Basil Lubbock.

Published by Brown, Son & Ferguson, Glasgow, Scotland in 1937, reprinted by them in 1955, 1968 and 1978.
Lubbock states that he has tried to give a complete history of the whaling trade, its ships and seamen, from the earliest days right down to the outbreak of the Great War.
This list has been compiled for the Whalers' Heritage Project by Yvonne Leck, and is not to be reproduced without her permission.

Also see Captains and Shipwrecks mentioned in this book.

YEAR    SHIP                   HOME PORT        NOTES

1754	POOL                                    Among crew: John GOFF, Robert HODGSON
1774	PERSEVERANCE                            lost 5 boats and 5 men.
1774	DUKE OF YORK                            19 crew killed.
1789	SAMUEL                                  Among crew: John SANDERSON, surgeon.
1795	CAITHNESS                               Richard YOUNG master and 3 men drowned.
1798	BLENHEIM                                BURNOCK Seaman, SYKES Seaman wounded then later died.
1803	CATHERINE               HULL            Thomas ATKIN mate, died on the passage home.
1805	EMPEROR                 HULL            Boy overboard off Stromness.
1806	HOFFNUNG                SCARBOROUGH     Francis SMITH killed in accident by ammunition.
1806	HUNTER                  HULL            Among crew: John BROWN boatsteerer.
1807	WILLIAM & ANN           WHITBY          Among crew: Samuel SILLCOCK
1810	AIMWELL                 WHITBY          Surgeon and 3 men drowned.
	PRINCE OF BRAZIL                        Cpt MILNER committed suicide, jumped from cabin window.
1812	HENRIETTA               WHITBY          4 men lost.
1815	CYRUS                   HULL            man lost overboard.
1818	RICHARD                                 Among crew: Thomas WARD, William SHAULL.
1819	THREE BROTHERS          HULL            on a timber run to Canada, several crew killed. Ship damaged. Cpt. Mercer.
	MANCHESTER                              4 crew lost.
1820	NEPTUNE                                 Among crew: Thomas GOWLAND mate.  HAMMERTON Rob, George ARMITAGE, Rob FARFOR
1820	EAGLE                                   Among crew: HEATON, mate; RICHARDSON, 2nd mate; MARKHAM, harpooner; TOWERS, harpooner; SINCLAIR harpooner.
1821	BAFFIN                  LIVERPOOL       Among crew: George MANBY.
1821	HEBE                                    Among crew: Stephen WILSON
1822	MARY FRANCIS                            Among crew: Charles THORNTON.
1822	BAFFIN                                  William CARR harpooner, killed.
1822	ABRAM                                   Among crew: Stephen WILSON mate.
1822	BRUNSWICK                               Third whale killed a seaman and injured 3 others.
1822	NORFOLK                                 Cpt. STEPHENS and 3 men swept overboard.
1823	EAGLE                                   Among crew: John CORBETT
1826	BRUNSWICK                               Matthew WRIGHT
1826	JEAN                    PETERHEAD       4 Shetlanders and 9 others died of cold out of 47 crew.
1827	CUMBRIAN                                Among crew: Thomas HUNTER; Ephraim TURPIN, mate; Edward WILLIS, 2nd mate; George DAWSON, speksioneer; John EDWARDS; 
                                                       Thomas HUNTER; William SCOTT; John EDMONDS
1827	BRUNSWICK                               2 men drowned when a struck whale capsized one of her boats.
1830	EAGLE                   HULL            Among crew: W.A. TURNBULL, mate.
1830	JOHN                                    Among crew: Muirhead mate.  ROBB mate.
1831	DORDON                                  Among crew: James BRODIE
1832	SHANNON                 HULL            30 crew dead.  Cpt was G. DAVEY.  O'NEIL died of hunger. 2 Shetlanders drowned, 16 men and 3 boys missing. Only 19 survivors.
1835                                             John ROBINSON (Shetlander) killed by accident.
1835	ABRAM                                   Among crew: NICHOLSON, mate; Alex DUNN.
1835	MARY FRANCIS				Among crew: Thomas COLDRAY, 2nd mate;  BYGGOT.
1835	JANE                                    Among crew: Stephen WILSON, mate.
1835                                             Among crew: Thomas HUNTER, harpooner; Rob MEGGINSON, harpooner; Edward WILKINSON, harpooner; John CUTMORE, harpooner; 
                                                        James HORNBY, harpooner; William WILLIS, harpooner.
1836	DEE                     ABERDEEN        Cpt. GAMBLIN died.  Out of 46 crew only 9 men alive when ship returned.  Bad case of scurvy onboard.
1836	MARGARET                                Among crew: David STODDART, mate.
1836	ADVICE                                  Survivors were Cpt DEUCHARS, James GLASS (doctor), William BARRY in hospital, William HUTCHISON in hospital, Alexander DEUCHARS in hospital.  
                                                        Cpt DAVIDSON of the 'Thomas' and Alex BAIRD (doctor).
1836/7	LORD GAMBIER                            16 crew dead.
1836	GRENVILLE BAY                           20 crew dead, (10 belonging to the 'Thomas'). Shields Men Dead: William PAIN, William STEPHENSON, Robert ELLIOTT, Joseph HOGARTH
                                                        Anthony BROFF, Robert LITTLEJOHN and Thomas CARR
1836	NORFOLK                                 8 crew dead.
1836	SWAN                    HULL            Dead Crew: William HARPER, Robert COLLIER, Alex ANDERSON, Robert DARBY, BERNSON, John NUTTHALL, HARRISON. Thomas HALLEY and William WALKER vanished.
                                                        Bruce NELSON and John MOIRA vanished. David KNIGHT. James JAMESON of 'Margaret'. LAURENCE (15 yrs on this ship), HUNTER (12 yrs on ship). 
                                                        TOMLINSON (5 yrs on ship).  Shetlanders James MOORE and John JOHNSON died of scurvy. Thomas TOMLESON died of scurvy.
1839                                            CRAIG and ABERNETHY sailed with Sir James Clark ROSS.
1851	TRUELOVE                                3 men died from frostbite.
1853	TRUELOVE                                Harpooner McKENZIE lost overboard.
1872	ECLIPSE                                 James WEBSTER 75 yrs died on way home.
1875	VICTOR                                  Among crew: James FAIRWEATHER, mate.						
1884	CHIEFTAN                DUNDEE          David BUCHAN drowned - overboard.  BAIN the harpooner killed. James McINTOSH both legs amputated.
1890	ESQUIMAX                                Robert PETERSON Shetlander died.
1890	MAUD                                    Cpt ADAMS seriously ill off Thurso, died before reaching Inverness.
1891	POLYNIA                                 1 man killed.
1896	BALAENA                                 Cpt Alexander FAIRWEATHER died onboard in May.
1897	AURORA                                  4 crew died.
1899	ACTIVE                                  Among crew: J. W. MURRAY, mate.
1910	MORNING                                 Among crew: Jamie BANNERMAN mate.