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The Northwest Staging Route, Edmonton-Fairbanks, 1943

This film follows Lend Lease fighter, bomber, and transport aircraft bound for Russia, from Edmonton to Ladd Field in Fairbanks (9:42).

Locations and events:
0:09 - Carcross, Yukon.
0:26 - Fairchild FC-2W2 CF-BXF on floats taking off at Carcross. This aircraft is currently being restored to non-flying status by by Bob Cameron at the Yukon Transportation Museum in Whitehorse.
1:13 - airport construction.
1:54 - paving airport runway.
2:31 - building the control tower at Watson Lake, Yukon.
2:51 - loading an RCAF C47 with camp suplies including bed frames, chairs, and boxes of lye.
3:34 - C47 taking off from Edmonton, Alberta.
3:45 - aerial view of Edmonton.
3:56 - airport at Fort St. John, BC.
4:06 - Carcross, Yukon.
5:26 - aerial view of the CANOL oil refinery at Whitehorse, Yukon.
5:30 - aerial view of downtown Whitehorse and the airport.
5:40 - control tower at the Whitehorse airport.
5:46 - dignitaries and military officers, followed by inspection and parade.
6:19 - sternwheeler Aksala
6:30 - soldiers clowning on an old Royal Mail wagon.
6:43 delivery to aircraft at Whitehorse by a dog-powered cart.
7:13 - massive lineup of P39 fighters, C47 transports, and other aircraft at Ladd Field in Fairbanks, Alaska.
7:27 - control tower at Ladd Field; P39 taxis by very close, with Red Star insignia that was applied at the factory in Buffalo (bombers had white stars from the factories and were overpainted in red at Ladd Field).
7:33 - over 100 P39s with Red Star insignia.
7:58 - more P39s with Red Star insignia.
8:07 - aircraft mechanics doing inspection of P39; conferring with aircrew.
8:35 - Russian aircrews ready to take over the aircraft.
8:43 - C47 takes off past fleet of P39s at Ladd Field.
9:28 - formation of eight P39s led by a B-25 Mitchell light bomber.

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