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Aleutian War

Warriors Remembered

Lend-Lease Aviation

Northern Military Issues

Buffalo Soldiers in Skagway
Company L of the 24th Infantry Regiment, comprised of African-American men, was ordered to proceed to Alaska from their garrison at the Presidio of San Francisco in 1899.

24th Infantry, United States Army in Skagway, Alaska - 1900
A history of the 24th Infantry published in the Skagway Daily Alaskan of January 1, 1900, with a listing of the members of the unit.

340th Engineer Regiment
This story of the unit's work on the Alaska Highway, with photos and lists of all 1,271 officers and enlisted men.

388th Engineer Batallion on the Canol
The site is now gone, but was saved by the Internet Archive.

388th Engineer Batallion
A chronology by Kevin O'Reilly, showing the unit's makeup, locations and type of work being done in the North during WWII.

The History of the Alaska Highway (Alcan)
Links to a wide variety of information about the highway's past, including current memorials.

The Alaska-Siberia Connection (Book Review)
Although not the aviation history it pretends to be, this book by Otis Hays, Jr., provides worthwhile background information on the World War II Lend-Lease route through the Yukon and Alaska.

Alaska Veterans Memorial
At Mile 147.2 of the George Parks Highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks is a memorial that is beautifully designed to complement its setting, which is itself an important part of the memorial's statement.

The Aleutian War
This lengthy article with lots of photos and maps describes both the background to this little-known campaign during World War II, and details of the action.

Annette Island, Alaska
From the site of a peaceful Christian comunity to a crucial military airbase, Annette Island's history has seen extremes.

The Arctic's Military Legacy
From "Arctic Circle," a series of lengthy articles on military abuses in the Arctic, mainly focussing on Alaska.

Attu Memorial
A photo and brief description of a titanium memorial placed by the Japanese government in 1987 to honor soldiers who died in the Aleutians during World War II.

Canada and the United States in the Arctic
A lengthy article by Oran R. Young looks at the conflicting views of these countries in terms of security and sovereignty issues.

Canadian Military History Gateway
World War II had an enormous impact on the North. This site has an awesome list of links of interest to military historians.

The Canol Project: Oil for Victory
The story of the Canol pipeline project through the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Alaska during World War II.

Combat Engineering in Cold Climates
From the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, a series of fact sheets.

Contaminated Sites in the Northwest Territories
Status reports on the 11 most critical sites, 9 closed mines and 2 former military sites.

Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska
This large site has lots of information on the base, both historic and current.

Fort Wainwright, Alaska
This former Army Air Corps base at Fairbanks was the primary destination for aircraft using the Northwest Staging Route to Alaska or Russia.

Gerstle River Test Site
A lengthy report by the U.S. Army on possible contamination at this Alaskan site by chemical, biological, and radiological material.

40 Years of Ecological Terrorism in Alaska
Pristine Alaska wilderness? Look what the US military is doing there!

" Lower Post or Freeze"
This book, published by the 340th Engineer Regiment in 1944, tells the story of the unit's work on the Alaska Military Highway in 1942-1943.

A B-25 over the Aleutian Islands in 1943 - click to enlarge "Mitchell Bombers Sink Aleutian Japs"
This September 1943 advertisement for North American Aviation shows a B-25 bombing ships from high above a rocky, snow-covered island.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The official NATO site provides the full text of significant reports and legislation throughout the organization's history.

O'Conner, Brigadier General James A.
A biographical sketch of the commander of the Northwest Service Command in the Yukon from September 1942 onward.

Pacific Theatre Map
This map shows the entire Pacific Theatre, and the relationship of the Aleutians to the Japanese battle plan.

USAAF Combat Chronology
The Aleutian and other Northern operations involving American aviators are included in this site, which covers the period from 12/41 through 09/45.

The U.S. Coast Guard and the Greenland Patrol
A lengthy article by John A. Tilley, describing the Coast Guard's Arctic operations during World War II.

World War II in Alaska
This excellent publication is a teachers' resource guide produced by the National Park Service.

World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument
In December 2008 this National Monument was created with 9 historic sites, 3 of which are located on Alaska's Aleutian Islands