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Photos of Historic Alaska Highway Lodges & Roadhouses

Historic Alaska Highway Lodges & Roadhouses
Lakeview Lodge: Historic Mile 462

Photo: postcard, ca. 1960

  *   Charlie Brandt was the original builder/owner of the lodge, which was bought by Joe H. Bell in 1958. It burned in 1962. The Fort Nelson Public Library Archives has 2 photos and 1 postcard from the lodge in 1958-63.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Canadian Section" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1953): Brandt at Muncho. Acc., Meals, Store, Gas & Oil, Storage. Accommodates 18 people.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Accom., meals, gas & oil, store, postal distribution, indoor swimming pool, bus stop. Accommodates 30 people.

This photograph is © 2017 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Lakeview Lodge on the Alaska Highway