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Marinka's Hill, Haines Highway, BC

Haines Highway

    As you drive towards Haines on the British Columbia section of the Haines Highway, there is a small sign at Kilometer 88.4: "Marinka's Hill". Where exactly is Marinka's Hill? Well, it's not even what most people expect. The Chilkat Valley News of August 16, 2012, tells the story:
    Marinka Darling has won the Public Service Award of Excellence 2012 for Outstanding Career from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. Darling has spent 35 years with the Canada Border Services Agency, much of it as superintendent of the Port of Pleasant Camp, B.C., next door to the U.S. border station at Dalton Cache.

    "Working under often harsh and unforgiving conditions, she became a pillar of her community. In fact, commercial drivers who regularly pass through the port of entry successfully petitioned the territorial government to have a passage leading to the port named 'Marinka's Hill,'" her official commendation said. "Finding a safe passage for travelers ill-equipped for the northern experience or dealing with wildlife wandering through border crossings is all in a day's work for 'Marinka of the North', as she has become known."

Driving north from Haines, the other "Marinka's Hill" sign is at Km 72.3, which is about 300 meters/yards north of the Pleasant Camp Canada Customs (CBSA) post.

Marinka's Hill, Haines Highway
A drone view looking north on Marinka's Hill from above a pullout at Km 87.3.

Marinka's Hill, Haines Highway
A drone view looking south on Marinka's Hill from above a pullout at Km 87.3.