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Historic Alaska Highway Lodges & Roadhouses

Part 3: Lodges from Mile 968 to Mile 1428 - Mendenhall to Delta Junction

by Murray Lundberg

An Explorer's Guide to the Alaska Highway

Yukon Highway Lodges - More of the Story

    The lodges and points of interest that follow are in order from Mendenhall, Yukon, to Delta Junction, Alaska. Initially posted on December 24, 2016, this will be an ongoing project as I add photos and information about each lodge.

  *   Locations for lodges and points of interest are given for Historic Miles from Dawson Creek, current kilometers ("Km"), and, in the Yukon, "old "Km", the kilometer-post reference prior to about 2010 when all kilometer-posts were replaced to reflect the shortened highway due to re-routing.

  *   All photographs are by Murray Lundberg unless otherwise credited, and copyright is held by him.

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Part 1: Lodges from Mile 0 to Mile 463 - Dawson Creek to Muncho Lake.

Part 2: Lodges from Mile 496 to Mile 918 - Liard Hotsprings to Whitehorse

North Klondike Highway Junction - ca. Historic Mile 925, Km 1437 (old Km 1487.2)

Mendenhall Lodge (Mendenhall Camp Lodge, Bert & Audrey's Lodge) - Historic Mile 968, Km 1503.5 (old Km 1558)

  *   1964-1967, operated by John and Connie Yaklin.
  *   February 17, 1964, Connie Yaklin applies for a licence to sell beer at the Mendenhall Lodge.
  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "Mendenhall Lodge, M.P. 968. Renovations to main restaurant building - new wall panelling, coffee counter and stools; kitchen remodelled and re-decorated; 4 new motel units to be ready for 1967 season." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   November 2, 1967, applies for a Public Service Vehicle Licence to operate a 1959 Mercury flatbed with hoist as a tow truck.
  *   April 2, 1968, for sale: "MENDENHALL LODGE. Mile 968, Alaska Highway. This beautifully located lodge on Mendenhall River as 3 3/4 acres partially cleared, 3 gas pumps, cafe, tavern, plumbing, 4 motel units. For further information about this excellent investment, call DUMAS REALTY, 7-2242. Box 1072." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   July 4, 1968, Bert and Audrey Dominguez apply for a licence to sell beer and wine at the Mendenhall Lodge.
  *   July 15, 1968: "Now under new management - Bert & Audrey's Mendenhall Lodge. Do come out and see us this Saturday and celebrate the occasion. Phone 2-C." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   November 4, 1968, Audrey won the Boone and Crockett award - she "boasted a total of 146"." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   June 9, 1969, Bert & Audrey's Lodge is being expanded by 9 units. They are having a weekly draw for a free steak dinner, for truck drivers only. (Whitehorse Star)
  *   November 5, 1969, the lodge was robbed of $91 at gunpoint by 2 Americans who were staying at the lodge while their car was being repaired at Haines Junction. The robbers returned the money but were arrested.
  *   March 23, 1970, the lodge is once again being managed by Connie Yaklin, and Bert and Audrey Dominguez are gone. (Whitehorse Star)
  *   April 30, 1970, for sale: "Mendenhall Lodge, Alaska Highway Lodge. 15 rooms, with baths, Tavern, w/w carpeting, garage and tire shop - 300' frontage, 30 acres clear title, phone Dumas Agency." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   April 21, 1976, there was a single ad offering the lodge for sale. On May 5, 1976, Harry Gordon-Cooper applied for a restaurant beer and licence, and a liquor off-sales licence.
  *   March 28, 1977, Star Enterprises (Yukon) Limited applied for a restaurant beer and licence, and a beer off-sales licence.
  *   June 13, 2007, "the site of the old Mendenhall Lodge" is for sale - 4.13 acres for $49,900. Listed by Marj Eschak, Coldwell Banker.
  *   August 2019, the property is for sale again - 4.13 acres for $135,0900. Listed by Terence Tait .

Champagne - Historic Mile 974 (the highway has been re-routed so there is no modern Km equivalent).

Cracker Creek Inn - Historic Mile 987, Km 1534.8 (old Km 1590)

  *   "Alaska Highway, Canadian Section" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1953): Acc., Meals, Gas & Oil (limited accommodations)
  *   March 7, 1953, Cracker Creek Inn operator Hugh Banks, 60 years old, died in Whitehorse hospital due to injuries received in a fall. (Whitehorse Star, March 13)
  *   n.d., Cracker Creek Lodge purchased by Henry May and a partner (Whitehorse Star, March 26, 1987).
  *   May 26, 1989 (to March 16, 1990), for sale: "The old Cracker Creek Lodge (65 miles from Whitehorse at mile 987 Alaska Highway. Includes 10 acres of titled property, the old lodge building (40x16) still intact and used as a home, plus 3 guest cabins of equal vintage. Aso controls access to Morraine Lake. Price $45,000. Listing Agent Michael Brine, Redwood Realty."

Otter Falls Lodge (Otter Falls Cutoff), Alaska Highway
Otter Falls Lodge (Otter Falls Cutoff): Historic Mile 995, Km 1546 (old Km 1602.2)

Photo: November 16, 2014

Canyon Creek Lodge - Historic Mile 996

  *   November 20, 1957 ad: "Canyon Creek Lodge, Mile 996. In the shadow of the famous fishing and hunting 'Otter Falls' seen many times on the back of the Canadian five dollar bill. 9 Rooms, semi-private showers. 2 cabins, family style. Tavern. Cafe serving from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Chevron Gas credit cards accepted. Tires, Tubes and minor repairs. Open All Winter." (Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition)
  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "New building to be constructed with native log exterior; camping area adjacent to main building is being expanded and improved." (Whitehorse Star)

Haines Junction (Haines Highway junction) - Historic Mile 1016, Km 1578.5 (old Km 1635.3)

Haines Junction Inn, Alaska Highway, 1960s

Kluane Park Inn, Alaska Highway, 1992

Kluane Park Inn, Alaska Highway

Kluane Park Inn; Haines Junction Inn: Haines Junction

  *   Upper photo: 1960s; Yukon Archives, Salley Hogan collection
  *   Ad: August 19, 1992, The Whitehorse Star
  *   Lower photo: July 2002

  *   1946, built by O'Harra Bus Lines as a stop on their Whitehorse-Fairbanks route, with Sally and John Backe managing it. At that time, the Backes were running a restaurant in a tent across the road from the lodge location. "But tourist travel was a rare thing on that primitive highway and the bus line went broke. Backe took over and ran the lodge called the Haines Junction Inn where he stayed for 25 years." (Whitehorse Star, Dec. 10, 1970)
  *   December 13, 1956: self serve gas pumps have been installed. "Fisrt we've seen and they say the system works fine." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   November 28, 1957: "HAINES JUNCTION INN. Mile 1016. Cabins and Rooms with a total of 40... shower baths... Cafe serving fine meals... Tavern... Gas and Oil and credit catds accepted. One of the finest Cocktail Lounges in the North Land serving popular beverages. A Pioneer Establishment owned by Sally and John Backe."
  *   February 11, 1960, while Sally and John Backe are on an extended trip Outside, Jean Newton, a friend for many years, and Trygvie Bakke, a nephew of the Backes, are managing the lodge.
  *   March 3, 1960, Jean Newton and Trigway Bakke apply for a license to sell liquor at the Haines Junction Inn.
  *   July 5, 1965: "The Haines Junction Inn is looking pretty swanky these days. The work on the new dining room is just about finished ad a full staff to take care of the customers." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   April 21, 1967: Haines Junction Inn Limited is incorporated.
  *   December 5, 1970, John Backe died of a heart attack in Vancouver. On September 1, 1977, Sally Backe died in Whitehorse General Hospital.
  *   March 19, 1982, for sale: "Kluane Park Inn (formerly Haines Junction Inn) established in 1946. The new 7 year old complex is situated in Haines Junction near Kluane National Park. This 20 room hotel is the largest and most modern in the community."

Haines Junction Lodge; Brewster's Lodge: Haines Junction

  *   November 28, 1957: "Haines Junction Lodge - Mile 1016. - 7 rooms and 4 family style cabins - Cafe and Tavern. Cafe serving meals until midnight. Fasoline available most all hours. All Credit Cards Accepted. Big Game Guide, Bill Brewster has a class B guide license for big game hunting and fishing parties... guiding for Photographic tours in the Kluane Game Reserve. Operated by Bill Brewster." (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)
  *   April 2, 1968, for sale: "BREWSTER'S LODGE, Haines Junction, Mile 1016. A.A.A. approved. 11 guest units, full plumbing facilities. Cafe, tavern, trailer court, laundromat, gas pumps. Located at Junction of Haines Highway and Alaska Highway. Inquiries invited. Call DUMAS REALTY, 7-2242. Box 1072."

Gateway Motel, Alaska Highway
Gateway Motel; Alcan Motel: Haines Junction

Photo: July 2002

Mackintosh Lodge, Alaska Highway

Bear Creek Lodge (Mackintosh Lodge), Alaska Highway

Bear Creek Lodge (Mackintosh Lodge): Historic Mile 1022, Km 1589.1 (old Km 1646)

Upper photo: Postcard, 1950s
Lower photo: February 25, 2013 (the lodge was closed, and had been taken over by a logging company)

  *   Bear Creek Roadhouse was established in 1904 to serve gold miners traveling on the Kluane-Whitehorse Wagon Road.
  *   In 1919, the roadhouse was owned and operated by Joseph Beauchamp and his wife. On October 17, it was totally destroyed by fire (see the newspaper article here), but rebuilding began immediately.
  *   In the early 1940s the property was purchased by Dorothy Mackintosh, who built a new cafe from the logs of the original roadhouse.
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: MacIntosh Lodge & Store. Old historic landmark, established long before Alaska Highway; ancient log buildings, rustic but clean, comfortable house-keeping cabins. Home cooking featured. Chevron gas station; tires and tire repairing; heated storage; Standard credit cards honored. Staple and fancy groceries, frozen and cured meats, cheese, etc. Alaskan crios. R. G. (Butch) and "Andy" Nygren, owners-operators.
  *   In its final years (until about 2006), the property went back to the old name, Bear Creek Lodge, and was operated by Bryant and Gail (?).
  *   June 2008, for sale for $229,000: "BEAR CREEK LODGE, Mile 1022 Alaska Highway. Motel, restaurant, lounge and Shop complex on approx. 8 Acres bordering Bear Creek. Currently not operating. 3 separate buildings, restaurant/lounge with caretakers suite, 7 unit Motel on full basement, and Large industrial shop. Includes all equipment and chattels to operate. Sold as is where is. Note: New septic system required in order to re-open."

Side road to Silver City on the original Alaska Highway route - Historic Mile 1053, Km 1635.8 (old Km 1693)

Sheep Mountain Motel, Alaska Highway

Sheep Mountain Motel, Alaska Highway

Silver Creek Lodge; Sheep Mountain Motel: - Historic Mile 1054 (the highway has been re-routed so there is no modern Km equivalent).

Both photos: August 2, 2016

  *   Silver Creek Lodge thanked for good service in Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Sept. 6, 1956.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959) for Mile 1054: "Silver Creek Lodge. Accom., meals, gas & oil, store." 13 rooms, has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   June 3, 1965, Mike and Marge Dubinsky are operating the Sheep Mountain Lodge (Whitehorse Star)
  *   June 6, 1966: "Mike Dubinsky,40, proprietor af the Sheep Mountain Motel, Mile 1054 on the Alaska Highway, died Saturday morning when overcome by fumes in a well, down which he had climbed to do some work. An Alaskan truck driver, 18-year-old Vincent Gorup, who had stopped at Dubinsky's lodge for gas, attempted to rescue him, but he too collapsed from the fumes. Word was sent to the Icefield Ranges Research Station across the highway on Kluane Lake, and an employee pulled both men from the well, but Mr. Dubinsky was dead." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   The Walter Deane Slide Collection at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center has a slide with the caption: "log roadhouse and Chevron gas station, with signs for Tubeless Tire Service, Standard Oil Products, and 'Husky pups for sale,' Sheep Mountain Motel and Cafe? print date Dec 66"
  *   March 31, 1969: "Jan and Mike Williams of Mountain View Lodge expect to be taking over Silver Creek Lodge at Mile 1055 and will probably rename it Kluane Lake Lodge." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   Ad in the "Business Opportunities" section of the classifieds in the July 25, 1969, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: "FOUR-UNIT MOTEL, cafe, garage, fully equipped. Full price $35,000, one half cash to handle. Full particulars potential buyers only, write Sheep Mountain Motel, Mile 1054, Alaska Highway, Yukon, Canada."
  *   2016, a Gulf gas station sign still standing on a property a few hundred meters to the south appears to be a different lodge/motel complex - Silver Creek Lodge and Sheep Mountain Motel may have been seperate businesses.

Kluane Lake Lodge, Alaska Highway

Kluane Lake Lodge, Alaska Highway

Kluane Lake Lodge: Historic Mile 1056, Km 1641 (old Km 1698.5)

  *   Upper photo: July 14, 2015
  *   Lower photo: August 1, 2016

  *   March 20, 1949: "Until last May, the highway was closed to tourists because of insufficient gasoline pumps and inns. Now there are about a dozen places offering overnight lodgings between Dawson Creek and Fairbanks. However, as F. C. Durkin, a field highway reporter for the American Automobile Association, puts it: 'If you want the comforts of home—stay home.' Best stopping places are the Watson Lake Lodge (Mile 365), Teslin Lake Lodge (Mile 804), Marsh Lake Lodge (Mile 836) and Kluane Lake Lodge (Mile 1060). These are the most modern and best-equipped hostelries. The rest are either converted army barracks or public camping grounds, which provide cooking and dining shelters." (The Philadelphia Enquirer)
  *   May 22, 1987, for sale: "AFFORDABLE LODGE. Kluane Lake Lodge situated on over 5 acres. Includes large 2 bay service garage, 4 unit motel, RV hookups, and gas pumps. Great price at $85,000.00. We have pictures and an appraisal on file."
  *   March 3, 1993, for sale, "A highway commercial venture - just in time for the upcoming tourist season or as a year round operation. Kluane Lake Lodge is located at the south end of beautiful Kluane Lake. This 7 acres includes a 2 bay 30x50 shop of cement block construction, a 16x16 fast food kitchen which is wired and plumbed, and a wash house with a coin-op laundry. Also on the premises are 4 fully serviced RV sites with room for many more. Features 11,000 gal. fuel storage and gas pumps as well as a 30 KW generator and is completed with a 4 unit motel complex. This property has the opportunity for a variety of expansion projects as it is situated next to historic Silver City, Kluane Park, Kluane Lake, Sheep Mountain and Slims River. ALL it takes is a little imagination. Listed to sell quickly at $198,000."

Bayshore Lodge, Alaska Highway

Bayshore Lodge, Alaska Highway

Kluane Mun - Bayshore Lodge: Historic Mile 1064, ca. Km 1655 (old Km ca. 1711)

Operated by Ron and Marilee Chamber, Grace and Ken Cohoe from 1997 through 2000.

Upper photo: June 1, 2011
Lower photo: July 14, 2015

Talbot Arm Motel, Alaska Highway

Talbot Arm Motel, Alaska Highway

Talbot Arm Motel: Historic Mile 1083, Km 1684.5 (old Km 1743)

Upper photo: June 1, 2011
Lower photo: July 14, 2015

Built ca. 1964-1965 by Pieter Van Der Veen
32-room motel, restaurant, lounge, store, gas, RV services (2016)

Web site: TalbotArm.com

Destruction Bay Lodge, Alaska Highway

Destruction Bay Lodge, Alaska Highway

Destruction Bay Lodge: Historic Mile 1083.1, Km 1684.8 (old Km 1743.3)

Upper photo: postcard, 1960s
Lower photo: July 14, 2015

  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Another station operated by the Clyde Wann Enterprises. 10 rooms, modern plumbing; restaurant, tavern; general store; telephone and telegraph service at repeater station across the highway; gas, oil, tires, heated garage, minor auto repairs. Rates: double $5.00; additional single bed $2.00.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Accom., meals, gas & oil, store, warm car storage. Accommodates 20 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   June 3, 1965, Hank and Doreen Pirrillo are operating the lodge.
  *   August 23, 1965: "The Destruction Bay Lodge has taken on a new modern look with its log siding and other changes being made around the premises." (Whitehorse Star)

  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "Destruction Bay Lodge, M.P. 1083. Complete new exterior of log siding; interior renovations including panelling, re-painting, and new tile flooring. Four new motel units." (Whitehorse Star)

Kluane Inn / Burwash Landing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Bears at the Burwash Landing Hotel, Alaska Highway, 1950s

Burwash Landing Hotel, Alaska Highway, 1957

Kluane Inn / Burwash Landing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Kluane Inn; Burwash Landing Lodge; Burwash Landing Resort: Historic Mile 1093, Km 1701 (old Km 1759)

  *   Upper photo: 1948, from "North to the Yukon Territory via the Alcan Highway in 1948: Field Notes of the Andover-Harvard Expedition" by Elmer Harp, Jr.
  *   Next photo: postcard showing tame bears at the Burwash Landing Hotel, 1950s.
  *   Ad: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, November 20, 1957.
  *   Lower photo: September 7, 2008

  *   1950 AAA publication "Alaska and the Alaska Highway" listing: Kluane Inn, 19 rooms, 4 showers. Single $2.50, double $4.50. Rustic, very comfortable.
  *   September 30, 1953, for sale: "BEAUTIFUL Kluane Lake Lodge at Burwash Landing on Alcan Highway. Milepost 1093. Write or call Mrs. Ruth Jacquot." (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)
  *   November 20, 1957: "Mile 1093 - Burwash Landing Hotel. New Cafe open 6-12 PM. 21-Room Hotel. 8 Housekeeping Cabins. Gas - Oil - Garage. Souvenirs. General Store. Trading Post - Est. 1904. Warm Storage. On the Beautiful Kluane Lake. Fishing. Our own fresh vegetables. to rent Boats. Trailer Parking. Tame Bears! To See! Fresh Fish in Season." (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Burwash Lodge. Accom., meals, store, gas & oil, minor car repairs, trailer space, fishing facilities. Accommodates 70 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   March 1, 1962, L.G. Allinger applies for a license to sell beer at the Burwash Lodge. Betty and Leland Allinger are the lodge owners.
  *   September 16, 1965: "Leland Allinger of Burwash Landing is harvesting his barley and oat crop. Nice to see grain growing in this area." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   through the 1960s, any injured person or animal was brought to Betty Allinger to be cared for - the Whitehorse Star has a few such reports.
  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "Burwash Lodge, M.P. 1093. Eight new motel units - new dining room overlooking Kluane Lake completed last year." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   November 24, 1972, Leland and Betty Allinger have close the Burwash Lodge for the winter, for the first time ever, and gone to California.
  *   1982, the lodge has been taken over by Helen and Ollie Wirth.
  *   March 12, 2003, the Burwash Landing Resort is for sale for $1.2 million - 120 acres, 25 fully furnished rooms, restaurant/dining room, cocktail lounge, RV park, 250-seat cafeteria, and garage with gas bar. In June 2005 the price was dropped to $980,000.
  *   ca. September 2007, purchased by the Kluane Community Development Corporation.
  *   November 2013, a retirement party was held in Burwash Landing for Helen and Ollie Wirth, after more than 31 years operating the Burwash Landing Resort.
  *   January 2015, controversy about the planned demolition of the lodge.

Joe's Airport Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1957
Joe's Airport Lodge - ca. Historic Mile 1095, ca. Km 1704.6 (old Km ca. 1763)

  *   Ad: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, November 20, 1957

  *   July 31, 1958, Ethel and Joseph Chouinard applied for a licence to sell cocktails at Joe's Airport Lodge.
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Opposite airplane flight strip. Clean motel with showers. Inside plumbing and all other facilities for a pleasant stopover; rooms for 35; rates: $3 single to $5 double; cafe serving meals, lunches, beer: cocktail lounge; truckers' dormitory; gas, oil. Heated garage 120' by 32' for trucks and trailers. Largest garage in territory, also room for 16 passenger cars. Chevron Products, 24 hour emergency service. Telephone and telegraph. Bus stop. Largest storage facilities on the highway, expert first class mechanic for auto repair; catering to motorists and truckers; free parking for trailers. Only arteslan well in the Yukon, with 100 gallons a minute. You are invited to stop and have a drink of pure artesian well water - and look around. Ethel and Joe Chouinard, owners and operators will make you welcome.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Accom., meals, gas & oil, repairs, warm car storage. Accommodates 40 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.

Kluane Wilderness Village, Alaska Highway
Travellers Services; Mount Kennedy Motel; Kluane Wilderness Village (a.k.a. "Trout's Place"): Historic Mile 1118, Km 1737 (old Km 1797.2)

Photo: September 11, 1999

  *   June 3, 1965, Duke French is operating the lodge; "he has only been in business for about a month." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "Travellers Services, M.P. 1118. New motel section (Mt. Kennedy Motel) across the highway from the main hotel, 5 units completed with additional 20 units scheduled for completion in May, 1967. A steel lookout tower has been erected for sightseers." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   August 7, 1972, the Mount Kennedy Motel is being operated by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Yakielashik (Whitehorse Star)
  *   The Milepost 2014: Kluane Wilderness Village (closed since fall 2006, current status unknown) began as Travellers Services (Yukon) Ltd., and was later known as Mount Kennedy Motel, in about 1964-65. By 1976 the business name appeared as Kluane Wilderness Village, owned and managed by John Trout and Joseph Frigon and later run by John and his wife, Liz.

Mountain View Lodge - ca. Historic Mile 1127, Km 1754.3 (old Km 1814.6)

  *   November 10, 1966: "Mr. and Mrs. Mike Williams are operating Mountain View Lodge at Mile 1128." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   June 29, 1970: "Mile 1128 - Mountain view Lodge has gas, oil, cabins, meals." (Whitehorse Star)

Pine Valley Lodge, Alaska Highway
Pine Valley Lodge: Historic Mile 1147, Km 1783.1 (old Km 1844.8)

Photo: June 1, 2011

  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "Mile 1147. A new highway establishment under construction will include cafe, service station and four motel units as first stage of the development (Welcome to the new owners - Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mogeson.)" (Whitehorse Star)
  *   June 29, 1970: "Mile 1147 - Pine Valley Motel has gas, oil, towing service, cabins, campgrounds." (Whitehorse Star)

Koidern River Lodge (Koidern River Fishing Lodge), Alaska Highway

Koidern River Lodge (Koidern River Fishing Lodge), Alaska Highway

Koidern River Lodge (Koidern River Fishing Lodge): Historic Mile 1164, Km 1810 (old Km 1872.6)

Upper photo: September 11, 1999
Lower photo: June 1, 2011

  *   Operated by Jim and Dorothy Cook until about 2010
  *   June 29, 1970: "Mile 1167 - Koidern has gas, camping space, big game outfitting." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   The Milepost 2014: Jim and Dorothy Cook's Koidern River Lodge has been here since 1969. When they are open in the summer they sell souvenirs, snacks and pop; pay phone; and gas/diesel.
  *   In November 2016, Dorothy Cook was advertising the 10-acre property for sale.

Bear Flats Lodge, Alaska Highway

Bear Flats Lodge, Alaska Highway

Rover's Inn; Northwest Trading Post; Koidern Gulf Services; Bear Flats Lodge: Historic Mile 1167, Km 1815 (old Km 1877.6)

Upper photo: September 11, 1999
Lower photo:

  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959) at Mile 1167: "Rover's Inn. Gas & oil, minor car repairs." Has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   The Milepost 2014: Remains of Bear Flats Lodge at Koidern, which operated from 1973 until it closed in 1992. During the early days of the Alaska Highway, this was a highway maintenance camp and telephone and telegraph station. A number of businesses have operated here over the years: Rover's Inn in the 1950s; Northwest Trading Post 1960s; and Koidern Gulf Services 1970.

White River Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1992

White River Lodge, Alaska Highway

White River Lodge, Alaska Highway

White River Lodge; White River Motor Inn; White River Crossing Trading Post & RV Park; Discovery Yukon Lodgings: Historic Mile 1169, Km 1818 (old Km 1882)

The ad to the left was in The Milepost, 1992 edition.
Upper photo: September 11, 1999
Lower photo: August 1, 2015

  *   The site was originally developed by the US Army as a base camp and officers' quarters during the construction of the Alaska Highway. In the following years it operated as a highway lodge, being at its peak in the 1990s when it was open 24 hours, offering a restaurant, fuel, and accommodations.
  *   February 6, 1958, Daniel E. Nowlan and Erika Nowlan applied for a licence to sell beer at the White River Lodge.
  *   April 9, 1959: "Danny Nowlan of White River Lodge, tamer of wolves and falcons, may lease his place out next fall." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   on October 1, 1959, Charlie Lee and his wife Wilma ("Billie") took over the lodge after buying it from Danny Nowlan. (Whitehorse Star)
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): "Accom., with bath, meals, gas & oil, repairs and towing service, store, trailer space." 10 rooms, has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   ca. September 1, 1962, high winds (measured at 80 mph at Northway), blew part of the lodge's roof off.
  *   May 30, 1963: "Fire Hits White River. The garage facilities at White River Lodge, Alaska Highway Mile 1169, were destroyed in a blaze that broke out at 7 a.m. Tuesday [May 28]. A portion of the lodge building itself also was damaged, The loss could exceed ten thousand dollars. It is understood the premises were covered by insurance. Lodge operator Con Bradley said he discovered the fire when the main circuit breaker went out. He rushed outside to find smoke pouring from the eaves of the garage. Loss in the fire includes two light plants and an arc welder." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   August 22, 1963, the Bradleys have the lodge for sale.
  *   December 26, 1963, caretaker Ole Wickstrom had a heart attack, and was dead by the time the ambulance reached Whitehorse.
  *   April 29, 1965, the Bradleys again have the lodge for sale.
  *   August 23, 1965: "Con and Camile Bradley of the White River Lodge have sold their place and are now looking for a likely summer home around Kluane, The lodge has only changed owners, it is still in the family. Mrs. Bradley's brother bought the lodge and we wish him well in the business." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   November 10, 1966: "Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bradley and Mr. and Mrs. Tony McInelly are now operating the White River Lodge, which in previous years was closed for the winter." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   June 29, 1970: "Mile 1169 - White River Lodge has rooms, cabins, trailer court, cafe, gas, oil, campgrounds." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   in December 1974, Klondike Realty had the White River Lodge listed for sale, as well as the Beaver Creek Motel and Iron Creek Lodge.

Web site: DiscoveryYukon.com

Dry Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway Historic Mile 1184, 1950
Dry Creek Lodge: Historic Mile 1184

Photo: 1950 (from "Investigation of Airfield Drainage, Arctic and Subarctic Regions")

  *   was in operation in December 1947.
  *   September 1, 1949: "WANTED for Dry Creek Lodge, mile 1184 Alaska Highway. Female cook, references if possible. Temperate and willing to adjust to northern conditions, $150 and board. Plane fare advanced. Ph. 32607. " (Edmonton Journal)
  *   Bus passengers would transfer here from the Canadian busses operated by the British Yukon Navigation Company to American ones operated by Alaska Coachways.
  *   November 2, 1951: "Fire Destroys Dry Creek Lodge. A fire of undetermined origin completely razed the main building of Dry Creek Lodge last Saturday [October 27th]. Details are scarce, but it has been learned that the lodge is a total loss as far as accommodation is concerned and a hard blow to highway travellers." (Whitehorse Star)

Paul Niemann's Lodge and Trading Post - Historic Mile 1191
Operated by Paul and Agnes Niemann. Margaret Nieman Glazier (1950-1998), Chief of the White River First Nation for 10 years, was the fifth of their nine children.

Beaver Creek - Historic Mile 1202, Km 1870.6 (old Km 1934.5)

Alas/Kon Border Lodge, Alaska Highway
Beaver Creek Motel

The ad to the left appeared in the Fairbanks News-Miner on May 29, 1971.

  *   Owned by Rose & John McPhail
  *   June 22, 1970, "New Cafe Opens. Beaver Creek's newest cafe, known as Beaver Creek Motel & Cafe, opened this past week. Located just to the south of the Alas/Kon Border Lodge, it is owned and operated by Rose McPhail, with the able assistance of Mae Anderson and Donna Maher. In conjunction with the cafe is a five unit motel, each roomy unit containing two double beds and individual bathrooms." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   May 6, 1971, John S. McPhail applies for a licence to sell liquor at the Beaver Creek Motel.
  *   May 27, 1974, a brief listing in the Whitehorse Star has the motel and restaurant for sale. On July 10th, the ad has been expanded: "Beaver Creek Motel - Located at Mile 1202 on the Alaska Highway. Excellent Tourist accommodation. Bright, clean cafe seats 35. 5 large modern rooms with bath and a 1-bedroom suite for owner. 40 x 60 stuccoed building. Owner doing thriving business in this friendly community of Beaver Creek."
  *   in December 1974, Klondike Realty had the Beaver Creek Motel listed for sale, as well as White River Lodge and Iron Creek Lodge.
  *   closed in 1979.

Alas/Kon Border Lodge, Alaska Highway

Westmark Inn Beaver Creek, Alaska Highway, 1992

Westmark Inn Beaver Creek, Alaska Highway

Beaver Creek Lodge; Alas/Kon Border Lodge; Westmark Inn Beaver Creek; Beaver Creek RV Park & Motel: Historic Mile 1202, Km 1870.6 (old Km 1934.5)

Upper photo: postcard, 1960s
Ad: The Milepost, 1992 edition
Lower photo: June 2, 2011

  *   November 26, 1954 - Clyde Wann builds the first section of the Beaver Creek Lodge.
  *   November 20, 1957: "Clyde Wann's Beaver Creek Lodge - Mile 1202. The newest Clyde Wann Station. Adjoining the Canadian Customs. Rooms with bath - Hot and cold water showers on the same floor, 30 Rooms. Beautiful Log Construction - Stone Fireplace. Open 24 hours all year round. Good Food all hours. Southbound travelers are permitted to stop at this lodge after Customs closes and check in with them the following morning. Warm Storage for 15 cars. Canadian Beer." (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Just finished in spring of 1955, this is the finest of the Clyde Wann lodges and is sure to please the motorist; total of 37 rooms, 15 with hot and cold water; two with private baths. Dining room, tavern, lounge; 24-hour garage service, gas and diesel fuel; credit cards honored. A modern, complete Clyde Wann station. Canada Customs offices will move next door in autumn of 1955, meaning an added convenience.
  *   in about 1961, Clyde Wann sold Beaver Creek Lodge to Alas/Kon Lodges, a company formed by Westours for the purpose of purchasing the lodge.
  *   June 29, 1970: "Alas/Kon Border Lodge - A Westour stop; 4-5 buses stop daily during the busy summer season. Gas and lodging are available as well as a cocktail lounge." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   June 20, 1973: "On the left of [the Beaver Creek Mote] is the Alas/Kon Border Lodge with modern rooms, dining room and cocktail lounge. This is a Standard Chevron service station and your hosts are Bill and Helen Statnyk and son." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   August 12, 1990: "There is an obligatory overnight layover in Beaver Creek in the Yukon. Make reservations in advance because the three motels there often fill up. All three have restaurants. - Westmark Inn Beaver Creek: A deluxe motel at deluxe prices. Double room is about $110 U.S. For more information, call (403) 862-7501." (Los Angeles Times, article about taking a bus to Alaska)
  *   Westmark Hotel closed in 2014
  *   2015, bought by Beat and Jyl Ledergerber, who re-named it Beaver Creek RV Park & Motel (another article).

Buckshot Betty's, Beaver Creek, Alaska Highway
Buckshot Betty's:

Photo: June 1, 2011

  *   in 2004, the Valdez Fisheries Development Association announced that it was going to start a promotion, by installing computers at Buckshot Betty's. The computers' screensavers would advertise Valdez as a destination, and people would get a coupon that could be redeemed for a free pink salmon once they reached Valdez. An article about the plan appeared in The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) on July 18, 2004, but we've been unable to find any more information about it.
  *   October 2004, for sale for $395,000: "Buckshot Betty's on the Alaska Highway in Beaver Creek. Bustling full menu restaurant, including pizzas and fresh baked goods, gift shop, 5 rental cabins and self serve gas/diesel station. Most improvements are only a few years old. 2.07 acre property with 300' of high visibility frontage and includes 4000 square foot pad for additional development. Operates year round, get in now for the busy summer season!" In August 2005, the price was dropped to $350,000.

Ida's Motel & Cafe, Alaska Highway, 1992

Ida's Motel & Cafe, Alaska Highway, 1992

Ida's Motel & Cafe, Alaska Highway, 2011

Ida's Motel & Cafe:

  *   Ad: The Milepost, 1992 edition
  *   Upper photo: 1993
  *   Lower photo: June 1, 2011

  *   Opened in the late 1950s by Gene and Ida McCabe. The first building was log and was destroyed by fire the following year.
  *   August 31, 1961, Eugene McCabe applies for a licence to sell beer at Ida's Motel.
  *   November 10, 1966: "Ida's Motel is now open again and under new management. Mr. and Mrs. Stan Notland of Whitehorse are the new proprietors, A lot of changes are taking place. Nora and Stan are working very hard to get things done the way they want them. This will take quite a bit of time."
  *   May 12, 1972: "Ida McCabe; formerly of Beaver Creek, Mile 1202, has sold Idas' Motel and is now living at 556 Pinetree Rd., in Rutland, B.C. and wants her Yukon friends to drop in to see her. The new owners are Claire and Harry Weiss; a warm, friendly couple and former Yukoners." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   June 20, 1973: "...just beyond Canada Customs is Ida's Motel, a modern motel with a cafe, beer parlor and packaged liquor. Gulf gas an oil products are also sold. Harry and Clare Weiss and son are your hosts." (Whitehorse Star) - September 23, 1974, Ida's Motel and Cafe Limited was struck from the Register of Joint Stock Companies.
  *   August 12, 1990: "There is an obligatory overnight layover in Beaver Creek in the Yukon. Make reservations in advance because the three motels there often fill up. All three have restaurants. - Ida's Motel & Cafe: A local hangout with a good restaurant, a popular bar and 14 modest rooms. Double room is about $45 U.S. My full dinner of barbecued pork ribs, salad, dessert, beer and tip came to about $18. (403) 862-7223." (Los Angeles Times, article about taking a bus to Alaska)
  *   February 22, 1993, destroyed by fire caused by an electrical problem. The owners at that time were Walter and Jackie Kropius. They had bought it in December 1992 after leasing and operating it for 3 years.
  *   April 12, 1993: "For a cost in excess of $400,000, Ida's Motel in Beaver Creek will be rebuilt, says Ida's owner. Jackie Kropius said today an Atco trailer system with 18 motel-room units will arrive in the western Yukon community later this month. The restaurant and lounge area will be the normal construction type, she said. She expects the somewhat-historic Alaska Highway cafe to be fully-operational by the end of May, or mid-June at the latest." It actually opened for business on December 4, 1993.
  *   September-November 1995, for sale for $475,000, with offers subject to court approval. It did sell, to Nirbinder Dhillon, owner of the Family Hotel in Whitehorse.
  *   November 2000, for sale for $725,000. Price later dropped to $699,000 - the ad ran until February 2003.
  *   16 units of the motel burned in June 2002, new buildings opened in September 2003.
  *   July 2004, for sale for $1,100,000. "Motel was rebuilt from the ground up, re-opened in September of 2003. There are 21 spacious and modern rooms, the finest on the Alaska Highway." The ad ran constantly but in June 2008 the price was raised to $1,200,000. The ads ran until January 2009.
  *   April 2016, for sale for $1,200,000. The ads ran until December 2016.

Web site: stopinfamilyhotel.ca/idasmotel

Marvin's Roost, Alaska Highway, 1992

1202 Motor Inn, Alaska Highway

1202 Motor Inn, Alaska Highway

Marvin's Roost; 1202 Motor Inn:

  *   Ad: August 19, 1992, The Whitehorse Star
  *   Upper photo: June 1, 2011
  *   Lower photo: July 8, 2004

  *   August 12, 1990: "There is an obligatory overnight layover in Beaver Creek in the Yukon. Make reservations in advance because the three motels there often fill up. All three have restaurants. - Marvin's Roost: An even more modest motel. Most rooms have a shared bath. Double room is about $38 U.S. (403) 862-7516." (Los Angeles Times, article about taking a bus to Alaska)
  *   February 1991, for sale: "The Best Investment on the Alaska Highway. New log restaurant & lounge in Beaver Creek. Motel with 8 rooms. 10 additional rooms for rental. Lots of highway frontage to add gas pumps, convenience store on. Good well & septic system."
  *   May 1998, lodge owner Robert Beatty won $10,000 in the Money Doubler lottery. "With the money, Beatty plans on fixing up the inn and bought a huge bouquet of flowers for his wife."
  *   October 2008, for sale for $735,000. "Property includes 2.29 acres of commercial land, over 18 000 sq ft of buildings, a campsite with 20 fully serviced stalls for motorhome traffic, and well established, repeat clientele for the motel, restaurant, gas station sales and gift store."

Web site: 1202MotorInn.ca

Sourdough Inn - Historic Mile 1210
1948, built by Pete Eikland below Sourdough Hill - "last stop on Canadian side"

Canada/U.S. Border - Historic Mile 1221, Km 1902.5 (old Km 1967.5)

Scotty Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway

Scotty Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway

Scotty Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway

Scotty Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway

Scotty Creek Lodge: Historic Mile 1226.

  *   Upper ad: Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition, November 20, 1957.
  *   Centre photo: postcard, 1950s
  *   Next ad: Fairbanks News-Miner, June 11, 1965.
  *   Lower ad: Fairbanks News-Miner, May 29, 1971.

  *   First mentioned in many newspapers in December 1948 when a young man was badly frozen while trying to hike from Chisana to the lodge.
  *   November 2, 1950, Mrs. Lille Darlin of Scotty Creek Lodge on the Alaska Highway was visiting her daughter in Sitka. (Sitka Sentinel)
  *   April 30, 1954, Jim Whipple, formerly of Scotty Creek Lodge, has bought a service station in Slaterville, Fairbanks.
  *   March 31, 1955, the lodge is owned by Bill and Hilda Marie Darlin.
  *   November 2, 1956, Fred Lappi has the lodge for sale.
  *   March 16, 1957, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Lappi's second child, a son named Logan Stewart Lappi, was born at St. Joseph's hospital in Fairbanks.
  *   In 1957-1958, operated by Fred and Betty Lappi.
  *   August 5, 1959: "Flames early today completely destroyed all the main buildings of Scotty Creek Lodge, a famed Alaska Highway hostelry located at Mile 1226. There were only a few tourists in the lodge at the time the fire broke out, and all escaped from the blaze. The fire consumed the bar, restaurant and hotel, and also destroyed an adjacent building occupied by the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lappi, The two owners were visiting in Anchorage at the the fire broke out. They were notified by telephone today. The destroyed buildings were valued at approximately $150,000. It was reported that the loss was not covered by insurance. ...The lodge is used by Canadian buses as an overnight stop, and 47 tourists were enroute there this morning." See a complete report on the fire here.
  *   May 27, 1960, Fred Lappi has put in a modern trailer-type 32-seat lunch bar.
  *   May 27, 1960, the Malamute Saloon in Fairbanks "Is under the management of Bob and Helen Wade who formerly ran Scotty Creek Lodge."
  *   June 6, 1963, Les Reeves and his wife Burdette of Scotty Creek Lodge are among the lodge operators protesting plans to build a US Customs station at Tok. The want it located at the border, saying that living in "no man's land" makes getting deliveries difficult.
  *   August 28, 1966, 34-year-old Anna Maria Haisley of Takeetna was fatally injured in a car crash in front of the lodge. Her husband was turning left into the lodge when struck by a car trying to pass them.
  *   February 25, 1969, Mrs. Burdette Elaine Reeves died in hospital at Colorado Springs, CO. Following 4 surgeries in Anchorage the previous summer, she had been moved to Colorado 72 days prior to her death.
  *   In May 1971, the new owners are Glen and Ethel Stoneman.
  *   March 1973, for sale for $75,000.
  *   May 25, 1973, new owners are Roy and Shirley Beaver and family, from Palmer, Alaska.

Northway Junction - Historic Mile 1261, Modern Mile 1259

Seaton's Lodge - Historic Mile 1235

  *   September 1961, operated by Mr. & Mrs. William Seaton.

Riverview Lodge, Alaska Highway

Riverside Lodge, Alaska Highway

Riverview Lodge; Riverside Lodge - Historic Mile 1281

  *   Upper ad: Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition, November 20, 1957.
  *   Lower ad: Fairbanks News-Miner, June 10, 1966

  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Main lodge accommodations for 30 and 3 cabins accommodating 10-12. Single, $6.00; Double $8.00; room with 2 double beds, $9.00. Cafe features excellent food. Radiant baseboard heat, thermostatically controlled; telephone; heated garage, plug in for block heaters, minor auto repairs, tires and tire repair, Chevron Gas and Oil Products. Air strip ½ mile from lodge. Hubert Sager, Jr. pilot. Your host, Hubert H. Sager.
  *   June 1966, operated by Al and Jean Druckemiller.

Forty-Mile Roadhouse, Alaska Highway, 1957

Forty-Mile Roadhouse, Alaska Highway, 1963

Tetlin Junction Lodge, Alaska Highway

Tetlin Junction Lodge, Alaska Highway

Forty-Mile Roadhouse; Tetlin Junction Lodge: Historic Mile 1301 (old Mile 1306)

  *   Ad to the left from the Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition, November 20, 1957.
  *   Newspaper photo: June 6, 1963
  *   Both lower photos: June 2, 2011

  *   built in 1948 by Ray and Mabel Scoby.
  *   in 1956 Forty-Mile was one of the rare lodges that did not serve liquor.
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: At Tetlin Junction where the new Taylor highway to Dawson joins Alaska Highway; 9 new heated log cabins and bunkhouse accommodations for 30 persons; plug in for trailers; excellent meals; groceries; heated storage for 25 cars; Chevron Gas and Standard Oil Stations, 24 hour wrecker service including repairs, greasing, lubrication, accessories, tires and tire repairs; long distance telephone; information on Taylor Highway; welcome to trailerites; scheduled bus stop, Alaska Tours bus stop; visitors invited to view collection of Indian handicrafts from adjoining Tetlin Reservation; Siberian Huskies kennel, bred for racing and for sale. Rates: single $3.00, double $6.00-$7.00. Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Scoby.
  *   June 6, 1963, Ray and Mabel Scoby are among the lodge operators protesting plans to build a US Customs station at Tok. The want it located at the border, saying that living in "no man's land" makes getting deliveries difficult.
  *   July 21, 1976, the lodge was bought by the Tetlin IRA (Indian Reorganization Act) Council, with manager Larry Brigner.
  *   Opened for 2-3 years for the Alaska Highway 1992 anniversary, then closed again. "At Tetlin Junction, they're trying to revive the Forty Mile Roadhouse, a complex which has been closed for four years. Perhaps now that road signs from both directions clearly identify this as the road to Dawson City, people will be more interested in stopping to tank up and stretch their legs before they tackle the 270-kilometre drive to the Klondike." (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, August 21, 1992)

Tok - Historic Mile 1314

Tok Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1948

Tok Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1948

Tok Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1954

Tok Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1957

Tok Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1968

Tok Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1968

Tok Junction Lodge; Tok Lodge: Historic Mile 1314

  *   Upper photo: by "Sarge" and Lorrie, September 14, 1948.
  *   Lower photo: from Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon"
  *   Upper ad: June 1, 1954, Fairbanks News-Miner
  *   Next ad: November 20, 1957, Fairbanks News-Miner
  *   Next ad: May 28, 1968, Fairbanks News-Miner
  *   Lower ad: May 27, 1972, Fairbanks News-Miner

  *   November 20, 1957: "Tok Junction Lodge is an imposing two story log structure with 16 comfortable rooms and space for as many as 60 persons. Some have private baths, some do not. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marler operate the lodge, which is owned by Mrs. Emma Hart. A modern dining room offers fine meals. There is a bar and cocktail lounge and a liquor store. Another feature of the Tok lodge is its extensive general store, with a great variety of goods ranging from groceries to hunting caps. Car service includes gas and oil and warm service. Trailer service without connection facilities is available. Hours are from 6:30 a.m. to midnight." (Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition)
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Half mile from Tok Junction, where Anchorage-bound motorists turn left on the Glenn Highway (commonly called Tok Cut-off) and Fairbanks travelers keep straight ahead. You must clear U. S. customs and immigration at Tok Junction. Tok Lodge is one of the best lodges along the highway, where everything is new, modern and unusually attractive; complete hotel facilities, excellent meals, women cooks, and coffee shop where lunches are served at all hours; cocktail bar; car storage, garage, general store and curio shop in connection; clothing at stateside prices (White Stag and Black Bear). Holeproof hosiery; jewelry, Eskimo postcards, photography supplies cameras, film. New 12-room addition with private baths completed in 1953. Accommodations for 60; singles, doubles, combinations to fit your needs. Rates: single or double $8.00. Owned by Erma Evans. Jack M. Marler, Manager.
  *   May 1968, operated by Phil and Alberta Clark.
  *   May 1972, "just remodeled, completely modern."

Parker House, Alaska Highway, 1957

Parker House, Alaska Highway

Parker House, Alaska Highway, 1968

Parker House, Alaska Highway, 1968

Parker House; Alaskan Parker House: Historic Mile 1314

  *   Upper photo: Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition, November 20, 1957.
  *   Lower photo: from Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon"
  *   Upper ad: May 28, 1968
  *   Upper ad: May 25, 1973

  *   November 20, 1957: "For a fine family type lodge there is the new Parker House, opened in June, 1956 by Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Parker, formerly of Fairbanks. Parker did most of the construction on the two-story, red-colored structure. There is a large, modern lounge, with restful plants to add to the decor. Delicious food is served in the dining room. There are 10 rooms, all double rooms, with all the newest in beds and furniture. Prices range from $3 to $12 a night and there are facilities for 35 persons. Adorning the main lounge is an oil painting by Sherman Noyes, 'Big Delta Sentinels.'" (Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition)
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: There are 10 rooms at the Parker House, rates $6 to $10. Hot and cold water in all rooms, 2 rooms with private bath. Radiant baseboard heat thermostatically controlled. Cafe and dining room serving excellent food. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert A. Parker are hosts. This new hotel, opened in June, 1956, has heated garage facilities for 8 cars, plug ins for head bolt heaters, Telephone 50 in Tok Junction.
  *   May 27, 1960, a Union Oil station and garage is being built.
  *   May 25, 1973, "Frank and Marion Anthony at the Alaskan Parker House came to Tok several years ago after having enjoyed a large measure of success in Fairbanks in the restaurant and night club business. Frank is a very talented musician and entertainer. Many of his and Marion's friends from Fairbanks travel to Tok on weekends just to enjoy the good food and entertainment."
  *   the lodge's final ad was on May 24, 1974.

Rita's Trails Inn, Alaska Highway
Rita's Trails Inn:

  *   Ad: May 27, 1969, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

  *   May 27, 1960, new motel with 12 units and 12 baths; cocktail lounge; dining room; campground with how showers and laundromat; scenic trailer court.
  *   May 1973, still owned by Doug and Rota Euer. Doug is president of the Tok Chamber of Commerce.

Dot Lake Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1957
Dot Lake Lodge - Historic Mile 1368

Ad to the left from the Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition, November 20, 1957.

  *   November 20, 1957: "Dot Lake Lodge, on beautiful Dot Lake 159 miles from Fairbanks, has rooms, a store and a cafe. There are four rooms in the lodge and six cabins plus three trailers for housekeeping. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Vogel, who are from California, own the lodge. The operators are Don and Adeline Felt and Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Haselip." (Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition)
  *   November 20, 1957 ad: "Dot Lake Lodge - Mile 1361.5. On the Shore of Dot Lake. Rooms. Cabins. Standard Gas & Oil. Cafe. Groceries. Credit Cards Honored. General Store. Native Made Gifts. Trailer Parking Space." (Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition)

Halfway Inn, Alaska Highway, 1954

Halfway Inn, Alaska Highway, 1957

Halfway Inn; George Lake Lodge - Historic Mile 1385

  *   Upper ad: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, June 1, 1954.
  *   Lower ad: Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition, November 20, 1957.

  *   June 1954, operated by Myrtle and Stanley Young.
  *   November 20, 1957: "At Mile 1385 is the picturesque Half Way Inn. Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Don Wright, formerly of Fairbanks, the inn has two stories and has rooms for 12 persons. Costs are $5 for single ad $10 for a double room. Gas and oil are sold. The Wrights have four young children. Facilities are available for carrying parties by boat onn the Tanana River to Lake George, where grayling, whitefish and pike are found. Plans are in the offing for Don Wright to fly hunters to good spots in the nearby mountains." (Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition)
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Formerly the Halfway Inn, this oldest lodge ls now under management of Bud and Billie-June Coiley. Clean rooms, good food, gas, tires, minor repairs; towing; new airstrip; centrally located for good fishing and hunting; fishing trips to Lake George, 7 mi. distant.

Delta Junction - Historic Mile 1428, Modern Mile 1422

Buffalo Lodge - Historic Mile 1428
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: At the junction of the Richardson and Alaska Highways; modern lodge; clean, rooms with restful beds; meals from 6 a.m.; cocktail lounge; gas and oil. Best of grayling fishing in nearby Clearwater Creek; photographers and sightseers may often see herds of wild buffalo, as this is the center of their grazing grounds; double twin bed room, $7.00. Owned by George Norton.

Bay Hotel, Delta Junction, Alaska, 1957
Bay Hotel - Historic Mile 1428

Ad to the left from the Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition, November 20, 1957.

  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Modern two-story hostelry at Delta Junction; 20 rooms with bath. Large dining room and well appointed cocktail lounge. Owned and operated by Hubert H. Sager, who also owns Riverside Lodge, Mile 1281, Alaska Highway. Rates: Single, $5; double, $10.

Cold River Lodge
Cold River Lodge: at this point, I'm not even sure that this lodge was on the Alaska Highway, but it appears to be.

Photo: Bill Lythgoe, ca. 1950s.

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