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Historic Alaska Highway Lodges & Roadhouses

Part 2: Lodges from Mile 496 to Mile 918 - Liard Hotsprings to Whitehorse

by Murray Lundberg

An Explorer's Guide to the Alaska Highway

Yukon Highway Lodges - More of the Story

    The lodges and points of interest that follow are in order from Liard Hotsprings, BC, to Whitehorse, Yukon. Initially posted on December 24, 2016, this will be an ongoing project as I add photos and information about each lodge.

  *   Locations for lodges and points of interest are given for Historic Miles from Dawson Creek, current kilometers ("Km"), and, in the Yukon, "old "Km", the kilometer-post reference prior to about 2010 when all kilometer-posts were replaced to reflect the shortened highway due to re-routing.

  *   All photographs are by Murray Lundberg unless otherwise credited, and copyright is held by him.

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Part 1: Lodges from Mile 0 to Mile 463 - Dawson Creek to Muncho Lake.

Part 3: lodges from Mile 968 to Mile 1428 - Mendenhall to Delta Junction

Liard River Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1992

Liard River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Liard River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Liard River Lodge: Historic Mile 496, Km 764.7

Ad from The Milepost, 1992 edition
Both lower photos May 17, 2013

  *   The Milepost, 1957: "Mile 496 (F. 1024) - Liard River Hotel & Bungalows - on the bluff overlooking the river and the graceful suspension bridge. Here you have a choice of either hotel rooms or individual oil-heated cabins equipped for light housekeeping. Accommodations for 40 persons. All beds have soft innerspring mattresses, there are convenient shower baths and modern plumbing in the lodge, a dining room, and groceries for sale. There is gas and oil service with B.A. & affiliated credit cards accepted, & tires are sold & repaired. The Liard offers trout & grayling fishing, & the hot springs, within a half-mile, are well worth a visit. Owned & operated! by Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Parsons."
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Accom., meals, gas & oil, minor car repairs, postal distribution point, trailer space. Accommodates 45 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   The Milepost, 1992 (see display ad to the left): "Lodging. Cafe with home cooking. Licensed dining. RV parking. Dump station. Camping. Good water. Greyhound bus stop. Heliport. Pickup service from Liard Airstrip. Your hosts: Gene & Anne Beitz."
  *   Closed in the late 1990s
  *   Destroyed by fire in September 2015.

Trapper Ray's Liard Hotsprings Services, Alaska Highway, 1992

Liard Hotsprings Lodge, Alaska Highway

Liard Hotsprings Lodge, Alaska Highway

Trapper Ray's Liard Hotsprings Services; Liard Hotsprings Lodge: Historic Mile 497, Km 774.9

Ad from The Milepost, 1992 edition
Middle photo: May 17, 2013
Lower photo: December 30, 2005

  *   The Milepost, 1992 (see display ad at the upper left): Operated seasonally, May-September. Over 40 RV pull through sites. "Trapper Ray" promoted his "fur spiders" to all visitors - they were a pipe-cleaner creation.
  *   In 2003, the 21-unit, 6,000 sq.ft. lodge was put up for sale, and was purchased by the Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN). In 2009, FNFN put the property up for sale, but it didn't sell.

Dew Stop Inn (Dew Drop-In) - Historic Mile 528.

  *   November 20, 1957, Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition: "Dew Stop Inn - Mile 528. 5 Rooms and Cabins... heated with NORGAS for your comfort. Cafe with Delicious Meals OPEN FROM 6 A.M. TIL 12 P.M. Gasoline and Minor Repairs."
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959) just says "Accom."

Coal River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Coal River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Coal River Lodge - Historic Mile 533, Km 822.8.

Photo: February 24, 2014
Ad: The Milepost, 2017 edition

  *   Opened in 1949

  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Accom., meals, gas & oil, minor car repairs, store, camping, trailer space. Accommodates 30 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.

  *   2019, open from early May to late September, operated by Brent and Donna Rogers.
  *   Web site: CoalRiverLodgeRV.ca

Fireside Lodge, Alaska Highway

Fireside Lodge, Alaska Highway

Fireside Lodge (Fireside Inn): Historic Mile 543, Km 839.2

Both photos: February 27, 2015

  *   November 20, 1957, Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition: "Fireside Inn - Mile 545. Overnight stop for tourists. Single rooms and family style rooms with private showers and convenient baths. Heated with NORGAS. Bus Line Service. Telephone & Telegraph Service. NORGAS Propane Agent. Licensed Dining Room, Meals and Sandwiches. Garage service with most repair service. Gas & Oil - Credit Cards Accepted. Operated by Mr. & Mrs. Jack Christey."
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): "Fireside Inn. Accom., housekeeping cabins, gas & oil, repairs, wrecker service, trailer space with electricity." Accommodates 28 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   After being closed for many years, the property was bought by a couple from Alberta in about 2010. A pair of kitchen/cafe trailers were brought in, and a cafe and small RV park were opened, but at the end of the 2015 season, the business closed again.
  *   In December 2016, the property with 2 titled lots totalling 4.2 acres was for sale for $85,000.

Contact Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway

Contact Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway

Contact Creek Lodge: Historic Mile 590, Km 912.9

Photo: December 30, 2005
Ad: The Milepost, 2017 edition

  *   Operated by Richard and Dennie Hair ca. 1995-2019.

Iron Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway

Iron Creek Lodge, Alaska Highway

Iron Creek Lodge: Historic Mile 596, Km 922

Upper photo: postcard, 1960s
Lower photo: February 24, 2014

  *   November 20, 1957, Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition: "Iron Creek Lodge - Mile 596. This lodge has 6 modern rooms... . Tub bath. Families with children welcome! A very fine cafe serving HOME COOKED meals and baked goods. Rooms heated with NORGAS for your home-like comfort. Gasoline and Oil - Credit Cards Accepted. Owned by Ted and Sophie Smyth."
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: This lodge at Pine Lake has been remodeled and greatly improved by new owners-operators - Ted and Sophie Smyth and Gus and Ida Rogan. Rooms with modern facilities; dining room and lunch counter open from 5 a.m. to midnight (Pacific Standard Time). Home cooking, featuring wild berry pies. Standard Oil products; Diesel oil; Chevron credit cards honored. Single rooms, $3, double, $5. Good fishing in nearby creeks. Yukon fishing licenses issued.
  *   in December 1974, Klondike Realty had the Iron Creek Lodge listed for sale, as well as the Beaver Creek Motel and White River Lodge.

Liard Lodge (Lower Post) - Historic Mile 620

  *   "Alaska and the Alaska Highway" (AAA, 1950): Liard Lodge. 25 rooms. 8 baths. Single $2 to $2.50, double $1. Meals 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  *   November 20, 1957,
Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition: "Lower Post - Mile 620. 22 Rooms and showers, some rooms with private baths, rooms heated with NORGAS. Reservations accepted. Gas and Oil, all credit cards accepted. This lodge is on the regular bus service . . . also charter bus lines accommodations . . . Cafe is open from 6am to 12 pm. . a tavern to refresh yourself. Garage open the year round with minor and major repairs . . . electric & accet. welding . . . telephone and teleraph service ... Big game arrangements made. Charter air service available. NORGAS propane dealer - fill your tank here. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Christey, Owners."

Watson Lake - Historic Mile 635, Km 980 (old Km 1021)

Jac & Mac's - Historic Mile 635

  *   April 1958, Jac and Mac Auto Court Ltd., J.T. Ward, manager, applied for a license to sell liquor in a cocktail lounge.
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: A convenient stopover at Watson Lake with modern accommodations for 40. Cabins, rooms, meals; private housekeeping cabins in summer; a new tavern; Esso gas and oil, tires, tire repairing; garage, auto repairing. Esso credit cards honored. Cafe open 5 am to midnight. "Home of the Mynah talking bird." Hosts: Jack Ward and V. "Mac" MacKenzie.

Upper Liard Lodge, Alaska Highway

Upper Liard Lodge, Alaska Highway

Upper Liard Lodge: Historic Mile 642, Km 991.7 (old Km 1032.7)

  *   Aerial photo: For sale ad, May 31, 2006.
  *   Photo: May 7, 2009

  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): "Upper Liard Cafe. Meals, gas & oil." Also at Mile 642: "Totem Pole Lodge. Meals, accom., gas & oil."
  *   October 6, 2004, Upper Liard Lodge is for sale for $680,000. "Stop! Upper Liard Lodge is a sleeping beauty. This 18.9 acre complex on the Alaska Highway and beautiful Liard River is quite a complex. The lodge building is 2245 sq ft with a rustic Yukon lounge, coffee shop, off sales, take out window, and area that could be a store. This lodge is the business centre for the community of 400 and is known for its exceptional food. Motel, cabins and shower/laundry building are absolutely immaculate and inviting. The owner's home is spacious and very comfortable. Rental income from 3 trailers, two lots to this property with lodge and buildings fronting the Alaska Highway. Lot 70 has campground and area for RV park right across the road from Vista 9 Hole Golf Course! Lot 70 has been surveyed and lots subdivided. You have option to use this area as RV Park or sell the lots adjacent to the golf course."
  *   May 31, 2006, price reduced to $550,000.

Stewart-Cassiar Highway Junction - Historic Mile 649, Km 1001.6 (old Km 1043)

Transport Cafe; Transport Motel; Frontier Villa: Historic Mile 687

  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): "Accom., meals, gas & oil, minor car repairs, camping and trailer space, fishing licences." Accommodates 14 people, has telephone and/or telegraph services.
  *   1960s, John and Netta Desrosier "bought a property from British American Oil (later Gulf) about 80 kilometres from the town of Watson Lake and beside the Lower Rancheria River. There were three trailers on the place, and an old building; Netta was there to clean and paint while John was prospecting. Before there was running water or electricity on the place, Netta was approached by John Jamieson and Ray Magnusson from the Department of Highways; they needed someone to cook for their road crew. These fellows promised to get the water and power happening if she would take on the job. She did, and they did, and soon the Cassiar truck drivers asked if she and John would keep the business open 24 hours a day to accommodate their near-constant traffic. For the next seven years, the Desrosiers worked. Netta worked days and John worked nights. If there was a tire to be fixed, whoever was up would wake the other. Their business had the highest fuel sales in the Yukon. At one time, Netta counted 40 semis in their yard. How, I wanted to know, was it possible that they had two children during this time? "Once in awhile, one of the truckers would offer to watch the grill so we could get some rest,"says Netta, with a reminiscent smile. The smile is nowhere in evidence when asked if she liked the highway lodge life. "You couldn’t pay me enough to ever have another lodge." Karla, the eldest of the two, started school in Whitehorse, boarding with John and Ruth Jamieson during the week and coming home to Transport for the weekends. Before the next school year, John and Netta closed the lodge." Yukon News, January 8, 2009.
  *   July 23, 1967, 12-year-old Corinne Conway was found by RCMP after being gone from the Transport Lodge for a day and a half. Corinne's uncle was John Desrosier, and she and her mother were visiting.
  *   June 9, 1969, John and Netta Desrosier at Frontier Villa have sold their trailer units. They will operate them until the fall and then replace them with cabins. (Whitehorse Star)
  *   November 23, 1984, the 7.64 acres of titled property is for sale by a bank, for $20,000 or offer.

Ad for Rancheria Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1992

Rancheria Lodge, Alaska Highway

Rancheria Lodge, Alaska Highway

Rancheria Lodge; Rancheria Hotel; Rancheria Motel: Historic Mile 710, Km 1100 (old Km 1143.8)

  *   Ad: The Milepost, 1992 edition
  *   Both photos: February 24, 2014

  *   opened in October 1946 - see an article by Les McLaughlin.
  *   "Alaska and the Alaska Highway" (AAA, 1950): Rancheria, Hotel, 13 rooms, 4 baths. Single $1.25 to $2.50, double $3 to $4. Very plain rooms but a better than average meal stop for this area.
  *   May 29, 1953: "Wanted - Lady partner for $3,000 for half interest on finest lodge in Yukon Territory. Apply Peter Boyko, Rancheria Cafe, Mile 710, Alaska Highway." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   July 24, 1958: "[wildfires] were burning in three different places along the highway between Whitehorse and Watson Lake, with the worst section being around Mile 710, All around Rancheria lodge at this point the woods are burned, he said, although the lodge itself was safe." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): "Accom., meals, gas & oil, car storage, minor car repairs, tires, store, fishing boat rental, guide service." Accommodates 34 people.
  *   March 10, 1960, William Howard Simpson applied for a licence to sell liquor at the Rancheria Hotel Cocktail Lounge.
  *   May 27, 1961, a large wildfire burned a mining camp along the highway two miles south of the lodge. Fires were still burning in the area in late August.
  *   April 9, 1962, the owner's 19-year-old son Peter rescued a couple who had to make an emergency landing at a remote strip 13 miles from the lodge. (Whitehorse Star)
  *   October 8, 1964: "Trailer house - like new, 45x10. Cost over $7,000. Will sell for $45.00. Can be seen at Rancheria Hotel, Mile 710, Doris or Bud Simpson."
  *   February 23, 1967: "Private Sale - Lodge on Alaska Highway. Owner retiring after 27 years. Popular truck stop. Liquor license. Accommodations for over 50 guests. Phone or write Rancheria Hotel, Mile 710, Y.T., Canada." (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner)
  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "Rancheria Motel, M.P. 710. New enlarged windows installed in the main lodge building; partitions removed in cafe to increase capacity; new wall panelling and flooring installed." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   September 1967, the Simpson family sold the lodge. "When turned over to the new owners last year, Rancheria consisted of 12 rooms, six motel units, a large manager's suite, cocktail lounge, a much larger cafe, large garage and gas service." (Whitehorse Star, June 20, 1968)
  *   January 9, 1969: "RANCHERIA LODGE BURNS: Another Alaska Highway landmark was the victim of fire this week when the main building at the Rancheria, Mile 710 was destroyed despite efforts of owner-managers Ken and Vi Green to extinguish the flames. The building was unoccupied at the time and had been closed during the cold weather. Mr. Green, who has purchased the property from original owners Bud and Doris Simpson, intends to rebuild in the spring. Nearby buildings were unharmed. Rancheria survived the forest fires of ten years ago when the Simpson family fought back the flames after being surrounded and cut off for several days." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   July 13, 1988, heavy rain has caused slides that closed the Alaska Highway at several points, including one 150 feet from the Rancheria Lodge.
  *   over the winter of 1993-1994, rumours went around that the Rancheria Terrirorial Campground was going to be turned over to the lodge owners to operate. Tat didn't happen - the government just closed the campground (Whitehorse Star, February 7, 1994)
  *   June 11, 2012, heavy rain has caused slides that closed the Alaska Highway both north and south of Rancheria.
  *   The lodge operators both died in 2018, and the lodge was closed that Fall. Linda Bouchard died in February 2018 from cancer, and Denis Bouchard died in September 2018 from injuries suffered in a highway accident near the lodge.
  *   Web site:

Message Post Lodge - Historic Mile 717.5, Km 1111.3 (old Km 1155)

  *   Operated from about 1976-1989, offering "food, gas, a beer garden and souvenirs" (The Milepost, 2014)
  *   built in the early 1970s.
  *   October 11, 1985, for sale, with the price reduced from $145,000 to $100,000 due to health problems.
  *   April 7, 1986, completely destroyed by a fire. Mel Holloway was the owner.
  *   March 15, 1991, the 1.6 acre site with 400 feet of highway frontage is for sale. By March 1993 the price was $24,000. The final ad was in January 1995.

Walker's Continental Divide Lodge, 2007

Walker's Continental Divide Lodge, Alaska Highway, 2011

Walker's Continental Divide Lodge, Alaska Highway, 2017
Devil's Paw Lodge; Great Divide Lodge; Walker's Continental Divide Lodge - Historic Mile 721, Km 1118 (old Km 1161.6)

Upper photo: March 23, 2007
Middle photo: August 22, 2011
Lower photo: August 23, 2017

  *   March 30, 1973, Charles Buchanan is building the Devil's Paw lodge at Mile 721. (Whitehorse Star)
  *   November 15, 1974, Charles Buchanan applied for a licence to sell beer and wine at the Devil's Paw, Mile 721.
  *   August 1975, Charles Buchanan and the Devil's Paw Lodge were charged with 5 counts of theft of fuel from White Pass trucks. Buchanan was sentenced to 5 months in jail, ordered to pay $3,547 for the fuel and fined $1,100. The lodge was ordered to pay another $1,990.75 for the fuel and fined $1,000. The lodge was also charged with failure to remit fuel tax and charged another $1,556.80.
  *   November 1975, the lodge, "only 2 years old, fully equipped with gas, fod and lodging", is for sale. "Gross over $500,00 last year. Asking $110,000." Ads placed in Fairbanks and Spokane.
  *   August 25, 1976, a single female wanted to work in a new Alaska Hiway Lodge and Cocktail Lounge (Devils Paw Services).
  *   November 24, 1976, William Prokopetz applied for dining room liquor, liquor off-sales, and beer off-premises licences for Devil's Paw (1976) Limited.
  *   in the summer of 1976, William Prokopetz was ordered to pay over $2,600 in wages owed to a carpenter, Maureen Moore, who had worked at the lodge from September 1976 until February 1977. Prokopetz ignored the court order and Moore accepted $1,000 that fall when she heard the lodge was about to declare bankruptcy. (Whitehorse Star, February 22, 1978)
  *   October 29, 1981, Phil and Wanda Martin applied for dining room liquor, liquor off-premises, and beer off-premises licences for the Great Divide Lodge.
  *   February 1990, for sale for $150,000 - later dropped to $125,000. "Has operated seasonally for the past 5 years. Proven grosses indicate a very viable operation for a tourist minded family."
  *   September 1, 1993, the Continental Divide Highway Lodge and Service is for sale: "4.5 Acres fronting on the Alaska Highway and bordering at Rancheria River at the rear. Additional land available at Mile 721. Business includes a 50 seat dining room, full kitchen facilities, lounge, pool table, souvenir shop, snack store and restrooms. The main building houses the staff and laundry and showers. Second building is unfinished except for a large stone fireplace and bar setup. Also included is a three pump service station, 2 log cabins, 2 Atco trailer units with 10 rental rooms and a guest shower house. All this for the low asking price of $250,000." The final ad was on May 11, 1994.
  *   August 9, 2006, the Continental Divide Lodge is for sale for $799,000. "This very busy tourist facility... is renowned for fine food, fine accommodation & great company." The final ad was on February 4, 2009.

Swift River Lodge, Ad in The Milepost, 1992 edition

Swift River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Swift River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Swift River Auto Camp; Swift River Lodge: Historic Mile 733, Km 1136.7 (old Km 1180.5)

Upper: Ad in The Milepost, 1992 edition.
Upper photo: March 23, 2007
Lower photo: May 7, 2009

  *   May 30, 1952, Clyde Wann applies for a license to sell beer at the Swift River Lodge.
  *   November 20, 1957, Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition: "Clyde Wann's SWIFT RIVER LODGE - Mile 733. Gas - Oil - Tires and Repairs - Meals - Rooms - Groceries. Warm Car Storage - Beer."
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Swift River Auto Camp. A Clyde Wann Enterprise. 10 rooms; modern plumbing; restaurants; tavern; minor auto repairs, gas, oil, tires; heated garage for winter storage; modern rest room and showers; general store; trailer space with electric plug-ins; $5.00 with double bed; $2.00 additional single bed.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Mile 733.3 - Swift River Auto Camp. Accom., meals, gas & oil, repairs, store, warm car storage. Accommodates 30 people.
  *   Closed permanently in September 2009 - see Yukon News article. Demolished in September 2016.

Morley River Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1970s

Pin from the Morley River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Morley River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Morley River Lodge, Alaska Highway

Welcome Inn; Morley River Lodge: Historic Mile 777.7, Km 1205.5 (old Km 1252)

Upper photo: 1970s
Middle photo: button probably from about 2005
The advertisement was in the 1992 edition of The Milepost
Lower photo: June 27, 2008

  *   the Morley River was named for Morley Ogilvie, son of the famed Yukon surveyor and politician William Ogilvie.
  *   January 30, 1950, Legal Notice: in an action between Eric Oslund and Thomas S. Kimberlin, the Welcome Inn at Mile 777.7, N.W.H.S., is being sold by the Sheriff. Included are 5 buildings and the equipment for operating a lodge, a lighting plant, Dodge Carryall truck, air compressor, and washing machine. (Whitehorse Star)
  *   The Milepost, 1952: Morley River Lodge, a Clyde Wann Station, with rooms for families as well as single and double accommodations. The cafe features fresh native trout as available, there are groceries carried for trailerites and campers, and camper space. A heated garage has space for 4 cars, and there is gas and oil service. Nearby Morley Lake offers excellent fishing, there are boats for rent, and a guide is available for big game hunters.
  *   on November 27, 1952, the lodge and filling station was destroyed by fire. Lodge owner Clyde Wann reported that it was partially covered by insurance.
  *   November 20, 1957, Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition: "Clyde Wann's MORLEY RIVER LODGE - Mile 777.7. Gas - Oil - Tires and Repairs - Meals - Rooms - Groceries. Warm Car Storage."
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: A Clyde Wann Enteprise. Rooms for families as well as single and double accommodations; modern plumbing; restaurant; minor car repair, gas, oil, tires, heated garage; cafe features fresh trout in season; groceries; trailer space; good fishing in nearby Morley Lake; boats for rent, guide available for big game hunting. Rooms $5.00 with double bed; $2.00 additional single bed.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Accom., meals, gas & oil, store, warm car storage. Accommodates 30 people.
  *   The Milepost, 2002 listing: food, gas, camping and lodging.
  *   Closed permanently in 2005

Teslin - Historic Mile 804, Km 1244 (old Km 1294)

Teslin Motel (Teslin Lake Motel) - Historic Mile 803.9

  *   November 20, 1957, Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition: "At Mile 804 - a big WELCOME! awaits you from TESLIN LAKE MOTEL. * Coffee Shop * Modern Bathrooms * Good Food * Service Station * Comfortable Beds * Repair Garage"
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: One of the pleasant stops on the Alaska Highway is the Teslin Motel. 11 rooms, rates $3 to $7.50 furnished well; fishing for lake trout, white fish, grayling and mackinaw; guide service; boats and motors; Garage; Chevron Gas and Oil, light repairs, tire service. Your hosts, Gordon and Edythe Crum.
  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "Teslin Lake Motel, M.P. 804. Restaurant remodelled and re-decorated; New booths, tables, stools and wall panel installed. (Welcome to the new owners - Walter and Doreen Duncan)." (Whitehorse Star)

Teslin Lodge - Historic Mile 804

  *   October 2, 1953, Gordon Crum and Norman Mytron applied for a license to sell beer at unnamed premises at Mile Post 804.
  *   October 1956, Gordon Crum leased the Teslin Inn and moved his business there, but it burned a few days later.

Teslin Inn - Historic Mile 804

  *   In 1950, Fred and Alice Alma Ackles bought a place at Mile 872 of the Alaska Highway and opened The Pines, which later became the original Crystal Palace. Fred died of a heart attack on the Atlin Road on March 28, 1952, and that Fall, Alice moved to Teslin where she built the Teslin Inn with Jack Nelson, 15 years younger than her, as a partner. After they sold the inn, she and Jack moved to Atlin and bought Bob Roxborough's business.
  *   November 28, 1952: "Mrs. Ackles, formerly of The Pines, has returned to the Yukon to take up residence in Teslin. Mrs. Ackles will soon be opening Teslin Inn and will be pleased to welcome old and new customers and friends."
  *   September 26, 1952: "COMMUNITY BUILDING TESLIN INN. Aided by 'local bees,' Mrs. Ackles' Teslin Inn is beginning to grow. Neighbors are all helping Mrs. Ackles build her Inn at Teslin, a grand community spirit helping someone get a start."
  *   October 25, 1956: "Fire Destroys Teslin Inn. Fire early Sunday afternoon destroyed Teslin Inn. Loss has been estimated at some $60,000 in the blaze which is thought to have started in the building's basement. The Inn, owned by Ray Hyde, housed a cocktail lounge, tavern and restaurant as well as 10 rooms. The premises had been leased by Gordon Crum who had just moved into the building that weekend. Mr. Crum previously had operated a motel in Teslin but this had been closed when he moved his operation to the Inn. No one was hurt although the frame structure was burned to the ground, a total loss with all its contents. The fierce flames ate through the building in about one hour-and-a-half hours. Loss is thought to be covered by insurance."

Northlake Motel, Alaska Highway, 1992
Northlake Motel: Historic Mile 804, Km 1294

  *   Ad: The Milepost, 1992 edition

  *   operating in December 1982
  *   November 15, 1985: "Doug Hogan Jr., the 24-year-old manager of the Northlake Motel, was acclaimed as the mayor of Teslin."
  *   September 22, 1989, a 20-year-old Teslin man was sentenced for breaking into the motel, stealing money and liquor, and damaging the property. The value of property stolen and damaged was $15,600.
  *   October 12, 1993, three Whitehorse men were arrested after breaking into Full Moon Saloon at the Northlake Motel and stealing $1,800.
  *   April 9, 1999, the Yukon Supreme Court upheld the Yukon Liquor Board's 9½-month liquor licence suspension order of the Full Moon Saloon at the Northlake Motel, owned by Doug Hogan, Jr. "The Northlake Motel and Cafe Ltd. was served three suspension orders last year. One stemmed from the June night a 26-year-old Teslin father of two was fatally run over by a tractor-trailer truck following a bar fight. The other two suspensions were for over-serving, serving intoxicated patrons, selling alcohol to a minor, selling after-hours and an assault on a liquor inspector." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   October 13, 1999, the property is for sale for $299,000: "Motel with 13 one room units, 1 two bedroom suite & 4 RVI one room units. 50 seat fully licensed & equipped saloon, 36 seat fully equipped cafe & 2 bedroom mobile home." The ad ran until July 19, 2000.
  *   January 3, 2001, the property is again for sale, with a different agent, for $265,000: "Motel, Bar, Restaurant. Priced to sell. The Northlake is a well run, great business to consider. The current owner of 20 years wants to pursue other business interests. The property consists of a 36 seat cafe (currently leased), staff house (leased), 50 seat licensed bar, 2 bedroom apartment (leased), 8 unit motel building, 5 unit summer only motel building. (Current rentals bringing in $2600/month). Current gross $350,000 to $400,000." In May the price was dropped to $249,000. The final ad was on October 24, 2001.

Yukon Motel, Alaska Highway, 1992
Yukon Motel

The ad to the left was in The Milepost, 1992 edition.

  *   June 9, 1969, the Slangs are adding 16 units and a lounge. (Whitehorse Star)

Nisutlin Bay Lodge - Historic Mile 804.5 (operating in 1950)

Fox Point Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1960s

Halsteads' Teslin Lake Resort, Alaska Highway, 1992

Fox Point Lodge; Halsteads' Teslin Lake Resort: Historic Mile 807

  *   Photo: postcard, 1960s
  *   Ad: The Milepost, 1992 edition

  *   opened in 1961
  *   1960s - Chevron gas, motel, cafe, and hookups. Operated by Wes and Betty Doe.
  *   May 17, 1962: "Wesley Doe is busy at his Fox Point Lodge with new construction and general preparations for opening. Unfortunately the frost heaved the huge gasoline storage tanks out of the ground, ripping the connecting pipes." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   April 12, 1965: "Wes Doe tells us that his Fox Point Lodge will be open for business on May 24th. Apparently, work on the cafe extension is almost finished. There will be facilities for light meals and breakfasts." A correction was mad on May 6th, saying that they are open "NOW". (Whitehorse Star)
  *   in 1968, Wes and Betty closed the lodge in early November and went to California.
  *   March 19, 1970, Wes and Betty have put the lodge up for sale.
  *   June 12, 1972, the first For Sale ad for the lodge appears: "Fox Point Lodge - Mile 807, Alaska Highway. 22 lakeside acres - 9 rental units - trailer hookups - cafe - gas pumps - large campground - fishing guide boat and equipment. Requires substantial down payment. Wesley D. Doe, Teslin 3516." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   September 17, 1975: for sale for $135,000 - 22 acres of titled land, a 9 unit motel, cafe, gas station and trailer park. It seems to have sold that Fall.
  *   October 22, 1978, Wesley Duncan Doe died of cancer at the Whitehorse hospital, at the age of 78.
  *   The Milepost, 1992 edition: "Halsteads' gas, food, camping and lodging.""
  *   February 2, 1994: "HALSTEADS TESLIN LAKE RESORT - Located near Teslin at Mile 807, this flourishing tourist business shows a healthy financial picture and at present is not operated during the winter months. This 12 acre parcel with 798 feet of highway frontage and 1300 feet of beach frontage on Teslin Lake, includes a grocery store, gift shop, coin-op laundry, crafts, furs, souvenirs, and baked goods. A fully equipped Cafe with a freezer, deep fryer, grill, 2 stoves with ovens, fridges, microwave, dishwasher, and seating for 36 with eat-in or take-out facilities are also included with this package. Other assets include a nine unit motel with t.v. and refrigerators in all rooms and self service gas bar. Halsteads also has a 32 site serviced campground, 20 site tenting area with separate units for men and women showers. Business support facilities include a laundry room, owners accommodations, and staff quarters. Garage and workshop, sauna and greenhouse, Owner anxious to sell and is asking only $575,000." (Whitehorse Star)

Mukluk Annie's Salmon Bake, Alaska Highway, 1992

Mukluk Annie's Salmon Bake, Alaska Highway

Mukluk Annie's Salmon Bake: Historic Mile 812, Km 1256.4 (old Km 1306.7)

  *   Ad: The Milepost, 1992 edition
  *   Photo: August 30, 2011

  *   Owned by Teslin residents Chuck and Annie Kremer.
  *   1989-1990, for sale for $209,000
  *   The Milepost 2002 display ad promotes free RV parking, free water and dump station, free nightly houseboat rides for all salmon bake customers. Cafe open 7:00 am - 10:00 pm, salmon bake 11:00 am - 9:00 pm. Motel rooms available.
  *   In a Yukon News article from July 2006, owner Chuck Kremer said that that was going to be their final year in operation.

Canol Road Junction - Historic Mile 835, Km 1295 (old Km 1345)

Johnson's Crossing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Johnson's Crossing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Johnson's Crossing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Johnson's Crossing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Johnson's Crossing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Johnson's Crossing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Johnson's Crossing Lodge, Alaska Highway

Johnson's Crossing Lodge: Historic Mile 836, Km 1296.2 (old Km 1346)

Upper 2 photos: postcards, 1950s.
Next photos: View from highway - April 15, 2008.
    A souvenir pillow case on the wall, 2018
    Bob and Elly Porsild - photo on the wall, 2018.
    Historic Mile 836 post and oldest building - August 2, 2014.
    The dining room - August 2, 2014.

  *   Built by the Porsild family 1947-1949. In the fall of 1947 they bought the American camp site at Johnson's Crossing, and the lodge opened for business in 1949. See a lengthy biography of Bob Porsild here - it was written by Flo Whyard and published by The Whitehorse Star following his death on December 30, 1977.
  *   The Milepost, 1952: Johnson's Crossing Lodge (Porsild's), at the north end the Teslin Bridge, catering to motorists and sportsmen. Comfortable rooms, and fine home cooking at modest prices make Porsild's an ideal stop for a few days of sheltered fishing (casting or trolling), as the lodge is located at the outlet point of the Teslin River, near Teslin Lake, affording either stream or lake fishing close-by for the famous lake trout and delicious Arctic grayling. Mr. Porsild, a pioneer of the north can furnish information on any subject concerning the country and its wildlife. Cold beer is served, there is gas and oil, a healed garage and a 3-room cabin for families. Open all year, with 24 hour service May 1 to October 31. Operated by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Porsild.
  *   The Milepost, 1954: Johnson's Crossing Lodge (Porsild's) (AHA) at the north end of the Teslin bridge, and an ideal stop for sports fishing. A large home-like lobby, comfortable rooms, home-style cooking, inside plumbing and shower bath, connected beer tavern. Gas oil, and diesel fuel, with special rates on sales over 50 gal. (Standard and affiliated credit cards.) Heated garage, and a 3 room cabin for families or groups comprise all the needed facilities for those who desire to linger here for both river and lake fishing. Located at the outlet of Teslin Lake, on the river, sheltered fishing for both lake trout and grayling is to be had, either by casting or trolling. The Porsilds are pioneers of the Arctic, and furnish reliable information on the country and its wildlife. This lodge is open all year, with 24 hours service from May 1 to October 31. U.S. currency accepted at par. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Porsild are the owners and operators.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): "Accom., meals, gas & oil, diesel oil, minor car repairs, boats, fishing guide, heated car storage." Accommodates 35 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   March 20, 1967, in article "Up-grading at Yukon Hotels": "Johnson's Crossing Lodge, M.P. 837. New wall panelling in cafe. (Welcome to the new owners Phil and Ellen Davignon.)" (Whitehorse Star)
  *   Bought by Phil and Ellen (Porsild) Davignon in 1965. They operated it for 27 years, then moved to Whitehorse. Philip Archie Davignon died on September 30, 2002, and was buried at Grey Mountain Cemetery.

Silver Dollar Lodge, Alaska Highway

Silver Dollar Lodge - Historic Mile 843

  *   The Milepost, 1952: Silver Dollar Lodge, and flight strip No. 6. The spacious and attractive log buildings of the lodge are set well back from the highway dust, on well-graded driveways large enough to accomodate the largest equipment on the road. The friendly atmosphere of the large rustic lounge and connected cafe is greatly enhanced by a unique open hearth campfire type fireplace. With comfortable rooms with innerspring mattresses, showers and modern plumbing, a tavern, a heated garage, gas and oil, tire repairs, minor car repairs, batteries and special service for truckers. Silver Dollar Lodge offers the complete facilities of the place to trailerites and campers, and welcomes all highway travelers. Information available on the side trip to Atlin. The Canadian-American owners are Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Law.

  *   September 1952, Bert and Ellen Law and their 3 young children are featured in The American Magazine as their Family of the Month - see the lengthy illustrated article, "The Laws of the Yukon".

  *   The Milepost, 1954: - across from flight strip, and well back from highway, is of log construction, with rooms, modern washrooms and shower, cafe, lounge room with campfire style open hearth, and gas and oil service with Standard Products and Standard or affiliated credit cards accepted. The entrance driveway can accomodate the heaviest and longest truck and trailer equipment on the highway. This lodge is under a new management, and plans to give emergency service 24 hours. Operated by Barma-sea Enterprises.

Jake's Corner, Alaska Highway

Jake's Corner, Alaska Highway

The Crystal Palace (Jake's Corner): Historic Mile 866, Km 1341.5 (old Km 1392.5)

Upper photo: May 22, 2013
Lower photo: April 16, 2015

  *   May 24, 1962: "Roy Chaykawsky of Crystal Palace Hotel had a trying day when the huge building he was transporting from Teslin to Jake's Corner collapsed on the highway after a main beam broke. Mr. Chaykawsky was able to to salvage all the material." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   March 10, 1969, Roman Chaykowsky applied for a licence to sell beer and wine at The Crystal Palace.
  *   May 12, 1972: "Truly, the most unique and beautiful place in the Yukon will soon be open. I've seen a lot of nice places but, none ever to compare with the Crystal Palace at Jake's Corner. Roman Chaytowsky, owner, has built a new building complete with bar and large swimming pool; even a wading pool for the small fry. Any technician will see that the workmanship is killed not to mention the novel idea of it all. The building has two floors, one in line with the pool - complete with dressing rooms; wash-rooms pool and lounge chairs. The balcony encircles the pool and is bordered with large real live plants. The stairs and upper floor are completely carpeted. There are tables and chairs upstairs and each table has its own intercom system where there's no mistaking your order; you put it in yourself. One wall and a half is done in large murals depicting at all times the northern scene and painted by a local artist. The other end wall is covered with a dark stained bar and the long wall is all picture windows where you can look out at the scenic mountains toward Atlin, B.C. Roman says he will be opening soon and you will be able to dine, drink, swim and thoroughly enjoy yourselves. Numerous modern cabins where you can stay over-night; weekend or what you like. Don't pass this one by." (Whitehorse Star, Molly's Tid-bits)
  *   May 22, 1987, for sale: "MOTEL COMPLEX - located 50 miles south of Whitehorse, at the Junction of the Alaska Highway, Tagish Road (through to Skagway) and the Atlin Road. 20 x 60 indoor pool and view of the Marsh and Tagish Lake area. 20 motel units, licenced lounge, service station, restaurant." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   The Milepost, 1992: "Jake's Corner Inc. Gas. Diesel. Propane. Motel. Restaurant. Lounge. Home-style Cooking and Baked Goods. Your Hosts: Dave & Laureen Gilbert."
  *   The Milepost, 2014: Roman "Jake" Chaykowsky (1900-1995) operated Jake's Corner Service for many years. It was known locally as The Crystal Palace after the first lodge Chaykowsky had owned at Judas Creek, just up the road.

The Pines Hotel, Alaska Highway

The Pines Hotel, Alaska Highway

Crystal Palace Hotel, Alaska Highway

The Pines Hotel, Alaska Highway

The Pines; Crystal Palace Hotel - Historic Mile 872

  *   Upper ad to the left is from The Whitehorse Star of June 9, 1950.
  *   Middle ad to the left is from The Whitehorse Star of December 31, 1953.
  *   Next ad to the left is from the November 20, 1957 Fairbanks News-Miner Progress Edition.
  *   Bottom ad to the left is from The Whitehorse Star of May 1, 1958.

  *   May 12, 1950: "Mr. F. W. Ackles informs us that on May 1st he purchased the business formerly carried on by Johnnie Johns at Mile 872 on the Alaska Highway. In future it will be operated under the style of 'The Pines.'" (Whitehorse Star)
  *   February 8, 1952: "Mr. and Mrs. Roman Chaykowski of Spruce Creek have purchased 'The Pines' from Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ackles, former Atlin residents, on the Alaska Highway. 'The Pines' is eight miles from the Atlin turnoff. Mr. Chaykowski has been employed by Nolan Mines Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Ackles plan to spend the rest of the winter in Carcross." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   August 7, 1953, three-year-old Christine Chaykowski was killed in front of the lodge when a truck ran over her. See details here.
  *   The Milepost, 1954: "The Pines is a completely equipped lodge with modern plumbing, shower baths, comfortable rooms, a dining room and lounge, connected tavern, groceries for trailerites and campers, and gas and oil service. Both trailerites and campers will find ample space at the adjacent public campground at Judas Creek. Truckers are cordially invited to enjoy the friendly hospitality of The Pines. The owners and operators are Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ackles, whose slogan is - 'Food for the Hungry, Beer for the Thirsty, Baths for the Dusty, Rest for the Weary.'"
  *   April 1, 1958, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ritter assumed management of the Crystal Palace Coffee Shop and Tavern.
  *   May 15, 1958: "At least four people appeared before Magistrate Adams recently as a result of enjoying themselves too much a the May 3 Crystal Palace opening. One man faced an impaired driving charge, another was charged with giving liquor to a minor and two teenagers got into difficulty on a charge of wilful damage. One young man was found not guilty, but the other paid $10 on the charge and also paid $10 for breaking an aerial." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   April 16, 1959: "New Man At Crystal Palace. Full garage service is in store for motorists stopping at Crystal Palace Hotel now. Fully licenced mechanic Bob White has taken over the garage for spring and summer and will offer first class mechanical attention to vehicles of travellers and local people alike. The change was announced last week. Ray, himself, plans to be out placer mining again for the summer near Kluane Lake. Mr. White is a former RCAF corporal who, with his wife Dorothy, was stationed here three years ago." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): "Accom., meals, gas & oil, diesel fuel, store, general repairs, trailer space." Accommodates 40 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.

Marsh Lake Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1946

Marsh Lake Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1947

Marsh Lake Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1950s

Marsh Lake Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1976

Marsh Lake Lodge, Alaska Highway, 1976

Marsh Lake Lodge: Historic Mile 883

  *   Upper ad: Whitehorse Star, September 6, 1946
  *   Next ad: Whitehorse Star, March 7, 1947
  *   Upper photo: postcard, 1950s
  *   Lower photo: ruins of the lodge after the April 30, 1976 fire
  *   Lower ad: Whitehorse Star, June 8, 1979

  *   March 20, 1949: "Until last May, the highway was closed to tourists because of insufficient gasoline pumps and inns. Now there are about a dozen places offering overnight lodgings between Dawson Creek and Fairbanks. However, as F. C. Durkin, a field highway reporter for the American Automobile Association, puts it: 'If you want the comforts of home - stay home.' Best stopping places are the Watson Lake Lodge (Mile 365), Teslin Lake Lodge (Mile 804), Marsh Lake Lodge (Mile 836) and Kluane Lake Lodge (Mile 1060). These are the most modern and best-equipped hostelries. The rest are either converted army barracks or public camping grounds, which provide cooking and dining shelters." (The Philadelphia Enquirer)
  *   November 2, 1951: "MARSH LAKE LODGE WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL MARCH 1st, 1952. We have appreciated the valued patronage of our many Friends from Whitehorse and surrounding areas. The Gas Station and Grease Service will not close." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   June 13, 1952: "Record Lake Trout Caught by City Man. Roy Newton, of Nelsons Sheet Metal Ltd., pulled in the largest lake trout reported this year from Marsh Lake, when he hooked a 23 pounder. Roy is quite proud of his catch, but slaps himself every now and again for not being entered in Nolan's Contest. Mike Nolan awards a beautiful rod and tackle to the person catching the largest fish in Marsh Lake each year. Many Whitehorse people enjoyed the holiday by taking advantage of the new open air barbecue at Marsh Lake Lodge. The barbecue was built for the free use of picnicers and fishermen who rent boats from Mike Nolan." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   July 16, 1954 - Mr. Odin Hougen, manager of Marsh Lake Lodge, told the Whitehorse Star that his new cocktail lounge would open this week. The lounge was built on the east side of the lodge and extended back into the premises formerly occupied by the beer parlour.
  *   April 26, 1956: "Mary and Mike Nolan Announce the Re-Opening of Marsh lake Lodge at Mile 883 Saturday, April 28, Featuring Our New Cafeteria and Infra-Red Cookery. Barbecues a Specialty." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   October 15, 1956, the lodge has closed for the winter.
  *   Lou Jacobin's 1958 "Guide to Alaska and the Yukon" listing: Well-known hunting and fishing lodge, noted for its modern 2-story hotel and high standard of service. "Midnite Sun" tours stop here over night; rooms feature "Beautyrest" mattresses, showers; well-appointed dining room, cocktail bar, tavern and snack bar; good food and fresh local game fish; outfitting for sportsmen; licensed guide; 36-ft. cabin cruiser and skiffs for casting and trolling; free trailer and camping space; possible plug-in on the lake shore; service station with modern rest rooms; other facilities include heated car garage; expert mechanic on hand; phone service. Located on enchanting Marsh Lake, this is an outstanding lodge, warm and cozy and popular with tourists and sportsmen. Your host and hostess, Mike and Mary Nolan.
  *   "Alaska Highway, Road to Yukon Adventure" (Canadian Government Travel Bureau, 1959): Accom., meals, gas & oil, repairs, hunting and fishing, boat cruisers and horse rental, guide services. Accommodates 40 people, has telephone and/or telegraph service.
  *   April 30, 1976, the lodge was destroyed by a fire thought to have been caused by an electrical problem. Lodge owners Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plautz had just bought the lodge the previous year.
  *   June 10, 1979, the lodge property has been subdivided and lots go up for sale in a development called McClintock Place. There are 55 titled recreational lots (22 of them waterfront) and 2 commercial lots. Prices range from $5,600 to $19,000 depending on size, location and improvements.

McCrae Inn, Alaska Highway, 1950-51

McCrae Inn, Alaska Highway, 1950

McCrae Inn, Alaska Highway, 1963

McCrae Inn, Alaska Highway, 1964

McCrae Inn, Studebaker dealer, 1964

McCrae Inn; McCrae Highway Services Historic Mile 910

  *   Photo: winter 1950-51, by Ron Finlayson.
  *   Upper ad: The Whitehorse Star, June 30, 1950.
  *   Next ads: The Whitehorse Star, April 29, 1963
  *   Next ad: The Whitehorse Star, March 12, 1964
  *   Bottom Studebaker ad: The Whitehorse Star, September 10, 1964

  *   The Milepost, 1954: "McCrae Inn - 8 miles from Whitehorse, is being remodeled and redecorated for the 1954 season, by a new management. Services include 10 rooms with convenient baths, a cafe, a tavern, garage with general auto repairs, and gas and oil. This establishment os located 1½ miles from the side road to Miles Canyon, and 3½ miles from the road to scenic Whitehorse Rapids. (The side roads are short - only a few minutes from the highway to both attractions.) Additional services will be added at the Inn during the present season, as time permits. The owners and operators are Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Tolman."
  *   The Milepost, 1957: "McCrae Inn - on right, northbound, and conveniently located for motorists planning a daytime visit to nearby Whitehorse. The Inn is now under new ownership & management, & has been considerably remodelled & improved. Facilities include 11 hotel rooms including rooms with extra beds for families, & convenient shower baths and wash rooms, a cafe in connection, beverage room, and gas & oil service with National Credit cards accepted. The owners & operators are Phil & Lil Todd."
  *   April 29, 1963: "McCrae Hiway Services Ltd. (Formerly McCrae Inn) Is Now Open With 6 New Units Complete With Bath; Bright Sparkling New Cafe; And a Completely New Tavern. Drive out and visit us - We Welcome Your Inspection." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   August 1, 1963: "Notice To The Many Patrons of McCrae Highway Services (McCrae Inn Ltd.). Mile 910 - Alaska Highway. We are now open 24 hours for Meals, Gas, Diesel, Motel. Tavern Hours - 9 AM to 12 PM." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   September 10, 1964, McCrae Inn has taken over the Studebaker dealership from Ed Jacobs. In 1966, Studebaker quit producing cars and trucks.
  *   February 16, 1967, McCrae Inn applies for a license to operate a Heavy Duty Recovery vehicle, a 1942 6x6 wrecker.
  *   March 6, 1969: "Among the seven vehicles destroyed by the fire which burned the McCrae Garage Tuesday morning [March 4] was a 10,000 gallon propane tanker which was 80% full when it was parked in the garage with all valves shut off and all hose purged. The tanker, owned by Canadian Propane was valued at $25,000. The safety valve was opened to allow the gas to escape and resulting pillars of flame shot 100 feet in the air according to garage owner Phil Todd. No definite cause of the $125,000 fire was reported, and Fire Marshal Tom Nairn is continuing investigations into the blaze which was fought by DPW firemen from Takhini station and a number of Yukon Forestry men and vehicles. Other vehicles destroyed included three customer's cars, Todd's wrecker, station wagon and truck. The 65 by 80 building was partially covered by insurance. Firemen saved the large bunkhouse next door, where windows were melted by intense heat of the blaze." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   March 10, 1969, Permasteel Engineering of Vancouver is advertising "Fast, Fast Service to the Yukon. TUESDAY: McCrae garage burnt. WEDNESDAY: Garage-owner Phil Todd phoned Permasteel Engineering Ltd. THURSDAY: A new Butler building was ordered. FRIDAY: Permasteel representative Norm Elliott was on the spot, preparations made for erecting the new garage. The Butler building will leave the Burlington, Ontario factory March 24, and completion date will be April 15th." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   April 16, 1970, "Slim" runs a large display ad to promote paint jobs at the McCrae Inn body shop. (Whitehorse Star)
  *   August 18, 1973 - for sale: "McCrae Inn Ltd. 8 Miles South of Whitehorse. Includes self-owned service station (pumping approx. 1 million gallons), Tow Truck, Fork Lift, Etc. Garage & Body Shop. Licenced Tavern, 42 Seat Modern Cafe, 6 Unit Motel Plus Owner's Living Quarters. Good Well. All modern with room for more growth. Owner will consider lower manland property as part payment and carry the balance. Same owners for 18 years. Illness forces sale." (Vancouver Sun)
  *   July 3, 1974, advertising fuel prices (to verify same price as Whitehorse) - gas 69.9 and diesel 66, with 24-hour service.
  *   February 18, 1977: "YOUR OWN BUSINESS ON WHEELS WITH VERY LITTLE EXPENSE. Coffee wagon fully equipped. New motor, power plant in A-1 condition. New paint job inside and out. Exceptional on gas mileage. Buy before Rendezvous and follow the crowd around or take it to Dawson for the summer. Better yet park it at Tagish Lake for the summer. Come out to McCrae Inn, Mile 910 Alaska Highway. Ask for Helen or Ben and view for yourself. Phone 668-2259." (Whitehorse Star)
  *   Phil Todd died in Whitehorse on March 31, 2008. Read his lengthy obituary here.
  *   October 2017, the last building from the McCrae Inn days, the McCrae Chinese restaurant, was bulldozed.

Whitehorse (2 Mile Hill junction, the north access to downtown) - Historic Mile 918, Km 1425.4 (old Km 1475.6)

  *   See The history of Whitehorse hotels and motels, 1942-2019 for the many Whitehorse properties.

North Klondike Highway Junction - ca. Historic Mile 925, Km 1437 (old Km 1487.2)

Part 3: lodges from Mile 968 to Mile 1428 - Mendenhall to Delta Junction

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