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Klondike Gold Rush, 1896-1899

Early Books About the Yukon and/or the Klondike Gold Fields

Tons of Gold!!
The Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-1898 was triggered by the arrival of the "treasure ships" Excelsior and Portland in San Francisco and Seattle. Here's who and what was on those boats.

Stampede Routes to Klondike Gold
A section of an 1897 map, and 1898 descriptions of the various ways to get to Dawson City.

Map of Klondike Gold Creeks
Published in The Klondike News, Dawson, N.W.T., April 1st, 1898.

Map of the Indian River and Klondike Goldfields
Drawn by Tappan Adney, corrected to September, 1898.

Who Discovered Klondike Gold?
Part of Canadian Heritage's "Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History" project, this large site allows people to look at the primary documents and to explore the debates, questions and issues related to the discovery.

The 1898 Yukon Act
The Klondike Gold Rush was the direct cause of the Yukon becoming a separate Territory.

American Heroes of the Klondike Gold Rush
Short bios, listed by the person's home town.

Canadian Heroes of the Klondike Gold Rush
Short bios, listed by the person's home town.

Alaskan Bonanza Mining, Trading and Transportation Company
This prospectus from 1898 promotes the sale of shares in the company to engage in various businesses in the Klondike.

Captain Jack Crawford
A poem by the "Poet Scout," written to honour Klondike balloonist John Leonard.

Children of the Gold Rush
A review of the book by Claire Rudolph Murphy and Jane G. Haigh. .

Dan Snure - Klondike Outfit List
The complete list, copied from a letter to his family in Ontario in 1898.

Dyea, Alaska
A comprehensive guide to the history and current condition of this ghost town that was the gateway to the Chilkoot Pass. Includes a complete photo-inventory of the cemeteries.

Experience the Klondike in Dawson City
Whatever your reason for wanting to see the North, Dawson City should be on your 'must-see' list.

George and Martha Louise Black
The couple played important parts in the political history of the Yukon, with Martha becoming the Yukon's federal Member of Parliament.

Golden Dreams: The Quest for the Klondike
A beautifully-designed site with 25 photos of the Klondike rush as seen through the lens of Asahel Curtis.

Gold Fever - PBS
This excellent site has some great photos, and uses original quotes extensively.

"The Gold Rush"
An excellent summary/review of Charlie Chaplin's classic 1925 movie (re-released in 1942 with added narration and music) about the Klondike.

Gold Mining in the Klondike
From Wikipedia, descriptions and photos of some of the techniques used in placer gold mining.

Environmental Consequences of the Gold Rush
The Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-1898 was over almost as soon as it began, but had a lasting impact on the landscape and native people along the route north.

Hiking the Chilkoot Trail
A lengthy photojournal describing 3 days following the footsteps of the stampeders in July 2009.

Historic Hotels of Carcross
Lots of details on the village's early-day accommodations - it was a favoured stop on the Klondike Trail.

John Leonard, Klondike Balloonist
Between 1899 and 1903, Leonard brought the thrills of aerial acrobatics to the Yukon and Alaska.

The Klondike Gold Rush: Curriculum Materials
An extensive resource (pdf file) developed by Kathryn Morse, University of Washington Dept. of History.

Klondike Gold Rush Historical Database
Contains photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, contemporary Seattle business names and locations, vessel sailing dates and passenger lists.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park - Seattle Unit
A good introduction to both the Klondike rush, and to the Seattle unit's interpretive displays.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park - Skagway Unit
This site offers a great deal of information about the gold rush and the signs of it that are still visible today.

Klondike Pioneers from Australia
A listing of approximately 260 names, with some details on their arrival.

Klondike Pioneers from Hollister, California
These very descriptive letters home originally appeared in the Hollister Free Lance newspaper in 1898.

Klondike Pioneers from Montana
A listing of approximately 620 names, with some details on their arrival.

The Klondike Rainmaker
The story of how one 'scientist' tried to create a world that was perfect for gold miners.

Klondike River, 1898
A lengthy description of conditions, from Johnson's Cyclopaedia, 1898, pages 143-145.

Klondike Ship Passenger Lists
Lists from 1899 sailings of the Upper Lakes (Yukon River) boats Gleaner, Lully C., Ruth, and Clifford Sifton.

In Fear of Klondike Pirates
In May 1898, trading companies feared that Spain might send ships into the Pacific to rob ships carrying Klondike gold, in order to finance the Spanish-American War.

'Klondyke Adventurers: On the way to the field'
This article describing George Vernon's trip across the Chilkoot Trail appeared in the October 1, 1898 edition of the Evening Observer, Brisbane, Australia.

Jack London
A lengthy analysis of Jack London's life as reflected in his works.

"Chasing a Rainbow" and "Rough Times For Miners"
Two articles from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of August 14, 1897, describe fraud and hardships along the trail to the Klondike goldfields.

The Langlow Family in the Klondike
Annotated stories told about the adventures of Lars, Jens, Knute, Ingeborg and Marie.

Lesson Plans for Studying the Klondike
From DiscoveryEducation.com, a lesson plan for teachers, designed for Grades 6-8.

Luc Richard and Thomas A. Barnes
On May 10, 1898, the men and their dogs fell through the ice of Lake Bennett - their complete obituary is posted, as is a photo of their wilderness grave as it looked in 1998.

Maritime Ghosts of the Klondike
As word of the Klondike gold discovery spread, all kinds of boats were patched up and chartered to go to Alaska. Most of those vessels reached their destinations; this is the story of two that didn't.

The Nursing Sisters of Canada
The story of their military service, which included going to the Yukon in 1898 with the Royal Canadian Dragoons.

Old Landmarks Removed
An 1899 newspaper article on changing geographical names in the Yukon Territory.

Our Time Machine is a Canoe
A journey down the Yukon River to Dawson City, exploring historic sites along the way, by Murray Lundberg and his 13-year-old son in July 1997.

Palm Sunday Avalanche
On March 3, 1898, an avalanche in the Chilkoot Pass killed between 60 and 100 people - this list of victims from 4 publications shows why we don't know exactly.

Pan For Gold Database
This large searchable database contains data on people entering the Yukon, obituaries, mining claim registrations, ship passenger lists, etc.

Roadhouses, Hotels, Saloons & Cafes
A listing of approximately 1,265 names of proprietors and managers of services en route to the Klondike.

Robert Bruce Banks and the Clara Nevada Disaster
A collection of moving letters brings a family's struggle and tragedy during the Klondike Gold Rush to life.

'The Snow Conqueror' Steam Tractor
An 1897 press release from 'The Klondike Snow and Ice Transit Co.'

Stories from the Gold Rush
The US National Postal Museum has posted a large, well-illustrated site about both the Klondike and Nome stampedes, with lots of little-known information.

Everett J. Ward
Placer gold claim No. 38 Above on Dominion Creek, one of the richest in the Klondike, was staked by Everett Ward on August 30, 1896.

A Watery Grave - Drownings in the Yukon & Alaska
With tens of thousands of cheechakos on the trail to the goldfields, accidents along the waterways of the North were inevitable - here is a list of some of them.

Women of the Klondike
Ken Spotswood presents a large article on the lives of several of the women who arrived during the Gold Rush.

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