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The Dyea Cemetery: Graves H-M

Dyea Cemetery Index

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and for more information about that grave.

E.P. Haines
Died April 3, 1898

C. P. Harrison
Died April 3, 1898

E.T. Hutton
Died April 3, 1898

Tagish Johns

Dyea Johns
Died: ?

G. Leon
Died April 3, 1898

Daniel McLinnan
Died May 28, 1898

John J. Mason
Died June 16, 1899

Alice Mason
Died November 16, 1898

Mrs. Sophia Matthews
Died: ?

Mrs. A.U. Maxon
Died April 3, 1898

Bert Meeker
Died March 3, 1898

Meeker died in a fire that destroyed the Douglass Bunk House and Saloon in Dyea - see that story here.

John A. Morgan
Died April 3, 1898

J.C. Murphy
Died April 3, 1898