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Yukon Energy's Lewes River Control Structure


Exploring the Lewes Dam
This article uses both historic and current photos.

A Walk at the Lewes Dam
There are both interpretive signs and an unofficial trail offering excellent views over the Yukon River.

How to Use the Yukon River Boat Lock
Photos and video from Yukon Energy's 2012 tour of the lock.

Near Drowning at the Lewes Control Structure
In July 2011, six people in three canoes tried to go through the control gates instead of using the boat lock.

Photography in the Yukon at -37 Degrees
Includes photos of the dam.

Marsh Lake Winter Storage Concept
From December 2010, a 4-page pdf-format report on Yukon Energy's research into the possibility of enhanced winter water storage on Marsh Lake.

Southern Lakes Levels
Some information about what the control structue can and can't do.

Southern Lakes Enhanced Storage Concept
From January 2012, a 30-page pdf-format describing proposed amendments to Yukon Energy’s water license for regulating water levels in Marsh Lake (and Tagish & Bennett Lakes) during fall and winter months.

The Lewes Dam at Minus 30
A 1-minute video of the dam in mid-winter.

Yukon Energy
The dam operator's site.

A Guide to the Yukon River
A guide to all the best sites with information about the Yukon River system.