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Soldier's Summit Trail Photo Gallery

The Soldier's Summit Trail

Some of the interpretive panels have audio in English and French, including this one entitled "Many Faces":
"Men and women came from many places to work on or along the highway. They were soldiers from the United States, contractors and civilians from across Canada, and First Nations - many of whom worked as guides, woodcutters and seamstresses.
One-third of all the soldiers building the road were African American. Many came from the southern U.S. and had never experienced a cold northern climate.
The U.S. Army segregated African American and white soldiers at the time. Listen to this 1992 interview with Joseph Haskin, and African-American with the 93rd Regiment. He's speaking to CBC reporter Sarah Locke. [52 sec.]"

This photograph is © 2017 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
A photo of one of the interpretive panels along the Soldier's Summit Trail which have audio.