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My best blog images in 2019

by Murray Lundberg

The ExploreNorth Blog

    It's common this time of year to look back at what happened during the previous year. For me, the photos on my blog are a good way of doing that, so I decided to pick out the best photo posted each month. "Best" doesn't mean photographically - images that I'd submit to a contest - merely images that I like because they show what we were up to, and that I connect with in various ways. This was enough fun that I may go back and do it for previous years.

January 2019 - nothing

February 2019
There were a few images from the 10-day Yukon Quest sled dog tour I led that almost won this one, but this photo of the Kluane ice cave ended up as the winner, partly because it collapsed that summer. The photo is from a hike on Thursday, February 28 - see "A hike to the Kluane Ice Cave".

The Kluane ice cave - February 2019

March 2019
This photo of the aurora was shot on the Jackson Lake Road on the night of March 1-17 - see "An almost-Spring night of aurora borealis photography".

The aurora borealis on the Jackson Lake Road near Whitehorse in March.

April 2019
I had a few Yukon images in the running, but on March 31st, I flew to Vancouver for a 3-day getaway, to enjoy flowers and warm sun. The winning photo for April was shot at False Creek on April 2nd - see "The final day of my short Vancouver getaway".

A walk among the chery blossoms in Vancouver in April.

May 2019
On May 3rd, Cathy and I flew and drove to Qualicum Beach to attend a surprise party for my eldest sister's 75th birthday. It was a wonderful 6-day trip. This photo of Cathy and me was shot in front of our cottage on May 5th (using a tripod and timer) - see "Four days on the beach at Qualicum Beach, BC".

Murray and Cathy on the beach at Qualicum Beach, BC

June 2019
I shoot a lot of photos during the summer, but a helicopter flight out of Atlin on June 29th provided June's winning image. See "By helicopter to Llewellyn Glacier and Lake No Lake, Atlin region".

Lake No Lake, Atlin region, in June

July 2019
I spent a lot of time at Kluane Lake with the motorhome this year. A photo of sunrise from the pullout where I usually camp now is July's winner. It was shot at 05:35 on July 6 - see "Two days on the beach with the dogs at Kluane Lake, Yukon".

Sunrise on Kluane Lake, Yukon, in July

August 2019
On July 31st I took the motorhome to the White Pass for 4 days of hiking. The winning photo for August was shot on August 2 - from that spot, the Taiya River and Chilkoot Trail are directly below. See "Hiking the International Falls trail and beyond".

Hiking the International Falls trail and beyond

September 2019
I was quite badly injured in a fall during a hike on August 7th, and spent 13 days in hospital in Whitehorse and Vancouver. All of my activities are still greatly limited, but I get out a bit. This photo of Tucker and Bella was shot at Summit Creek on September 10 - see "A White Pass RV getaway - 3 days of hiking and aurora".

My dogs Tucker and Bella on a hike at Summit Creek in September

October 2019
I went for 7 weeks without posting on the blog - the longest break since I started the blog in 2007.

November 2019
A couple of drives to Skagway were my main activities in November. The winning photo was shot on the South Klondike Highway, northbound near Conrad on November 22nd - see "A drive to Skagway - sun, torrential rain, and heavy snow".

The South Klondike Highway in November

December 2019
I didn't post on the blog in December, but the winning photo was shot on December 31st during a Christmas lights outing, and posted the next day - see "Catching up - winter and dogs and photography and Christmas...".

Christmas lights in Whitehorse